Monday, November 28, 2016

Random pictures of the last week in Argentina

Boca Juniors Stadium

 Tango in the neighborhood "La Boca"

 I got to interview this lovely lady for her baptism. Mission President had interviewed her before and knew who she was. He just happened to be at the same church building that night. 
 FHE game night with some Young Single Adults
 Andrea and Alyssa were studying at BYU and participated in an abroad program where they came down to Buenos Aires and taught self reliance classes. They helped us out a lot with missionary work. 

 Macarena and Esteban
Macarena was an investigator. She had so many questions and had such a great desire to do what was right. Elder Flemming and I were the first to start teaching her and (thanks to technology) I was able to learn from her that she did get baptized and she thanked me for being the one to first start the relationship between her and the missionaries. She told me that even though I wasn't present in her baptism, that I played a great role in her teaching and she thanked me for serving. 
 Esteban Torrico shortly after served in the Chile Antofagasta mission

 Hermano Portillo. I told him that I would only wear a River Jersey when he gave me one. On my last weekend he did give me one. It is an older one and kinda small. But I am still grateful for it! 
 Esteban and Justin

 This was my last Saturday night in Argentina. Us missionaries had a rule that we couldnt drink Mate. I figured, it was my last weekend, what could be the harm? so I had a couple drinks of mate. it tasted pretty good (with all the added sugar). but by being disobedient came the consequences. The next day, Sunday, All day I had an upset stomach and we spent a good amount of the day traveling and in a big Going Away meeting. I paid the price that day.  

 Daniel Malpartida
Investigator that got baptized later, after I had gotten home. He came straight from Peru and was dating one of the sisters in the ward. 
 Jans Delgado and Esteban
 The Salomon Family
 Ward Mission Leader Hermano Montano

 Elder Juzga and Flemming
 Members of the Chacarita ward

 Spaghetti in the streets
 We didnt have time to go anywhere for lunch, and so we ate outside of Maria's house (the building didnt allow males inside)

 Hermana Alarcon

 The Portillo Family from Villa Lugano
 Nancy and Jose Luis from La Cabana 
 Shamila from Tortuguitas

 Hermana URRA!
 Denise Herrera

 Denise and Maria spent the last couple hours with us

 All Packed
 They had returnable bottles that were cheaper than regular ones. They would sometimes have specials by collecting the white caps. usually 5 caps would be a free soda. 
 He wrote my name on the nerf dart and then "Killed" me. 
 My tennis shoes "lasted" all two years

 Mission Office


 Elder Russon and I shared a room our last night in Argentina. We also shared a room in the MTC.
 Last comments and advice from President and Sister Ayre

 Delicious Steak Dinner

 Elder Stout

 First american meal 7:30 in the morning.