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Dec 23, 2013 Pre-Skype Call for Christmas

Hey! I don’t have a lot of time! This has been an interesting week. The other companionship in our Ward and in the pension got a new companion. His name is Elder Atchley. He likes working with computers and playing computer games and dungeons and dragons and stuff like that, so it’s like cool and stuff but like none of us have anything in common and so it’s been hard for him. He is just straight out of the MTC and so he doesn’t speak Spanish very well. And he is not used to walking all day And so his companion, Elder Hankins is trying really hard to one connect with him, and two help him. So I try to help as much as I can.

We have found a new investigator. Her name is Elve. She has a super strong testimony and a bunch of Faith! We met her and she was just telling us about her and what she’s gone through it was insane! She is definitely prepared and elect. But we haven’t seen her since Monday or wed, I can’t remember, we are going to stop by today.

That’s super cool that you got to go in the temple! I want to see more pics of it. I think Camilia is going to usher for the open house. And Spencer is working in it and everything! Haha. But it’s okay! I can’t wait to go! 18 months! Whoo!

So it’s really hot here, all the time! And they are having a lot of problems with the energy. There are power outages like crazy! Luckily it hasn’t hit our pension. But a lot of the people in our area have been without lights for a couple days! It’s horrible. And so I was sitting here writing and the computers and the lights shut off! They just barely got everything working. But ya. Things are good. The ward loves us. We don’t really have much plans for Christmas yet. Tomorrow we are going to eat lunch with the President and the entire mission. And some people have said they want us to stop by but we don’t have much set in stone. My Spanish has gotten better and I am understanding more and more each day! Oh. They also told us that we were going to be without water for a while. And I wasn’t going to get dehydrated. We filled up the Fridge. IT ended up that I don’t think they turned off the water. Or they did and turned it back on before we got home so that was good- Planning on the roof with my Planner that looks AWESOME! Soda, music. Almost everyday! It feels so good up there at night time.

Oh ya they changed out schedule because it’s been ´´dangerous´´. We have to be in the pension at 8 o clock and study language 8-9. And we have to leave a whole hour earlier in the morning. And it’s hard because the people in Argentina really treasure their sleep. They sleep from 1-10 and 1-5pm Everyday! And it’s almost everyone! Member’s nonmembers, their dogs! Everyone! It’s super annoying! So usually in the morning. It’s just walking around talking to the drunk people on the side of the road. Haha. Send my love to the Ward! I am praying for them and if love them! Wish them Merry Christmas and tell them that I said remember why it is called CHRISTmas. In Spanish ´´mas´´ means more. So remember put Christ first and everything More lately. ! Love ya!

 Being Prepared for the water to be shut off.  What an obedient Elder
 Connor's Appointment Book, DC and his Slippers.  What else does a Missionary need?
 Studying on the Roof in the Evening
 Hot Sauce for Christmas.  Elder Estrada is a Happy Camper
Connor's Man Purse

Dec 17, 2013 I Started my Sister Mission! 18 Months left

Well first off Yesterday I started my sister mission. Because I will leave the mission field June 16. I have less than 18 months left. Whoo! Things are going good. We had transfers I am in the same area with the same companion. Which means there is a reason we are here and we are going to find it. In our ward/ pension there is another companionship. Elder Bywater and Hankins. Elder Bywater left and Elder Hankins got made a district leader and he is going to be training. Brand new greenie from the MTC. So we told him we will help him whatever he needs. Yes I received the packages! I didn’t open them cuz I am going to wait till Christmas. But my Companion wants to thank you for the Hot Sauce. It’s his favorite and from the City that he is from. He was so excited to see that. And everything else. The kids love the stickers and some of the adult’s haha! I love the PJS but it’s a little hot to wear them! The Carmel is like Gold! You made it perfectly! Freaking the best! Love you so much! I love that I have pictures of my Sobrina! (Niece) but honestly! I didn’t open it. =P! I received it on Tuesday. We had Interviews with President. It went really fast. Just asked how I was and my companion and we talked for like 3 minutes and then I left. Haha. Didn’t really have much to talk about because things are good. Wednesday I had to go to San Fernando to do Tramites. It’s like the process to make me legal in Argentina or something. Haha! So we had to take 2 hours on Bus and 30 minutes on train. The process took 20 minutes and then back on the train and bus. Haha!

With our investigator, we stopped stopping by. Just going to wait a while and let other missionaries go for her because she is cranky and won’t talk to us now. And Milagros We haven’t talked to the mom so we are hoping things are getting better but we know just about nothing. We still stop by and teach them and we always have good conversations. Hopefully it’ll come this transfer.

Haha! Stupid boys driving all the way out there for nothing! Haha! But that’s cool! (Dad, Spencer and Mitchell drove out to Glendale to go to a Cardinal Football Game and the game was in Tennessee and not in AZ). When does spencer leave for college? Or does he not know yet? Oh and I haven’t had time to research how much is an external hard drive. So I’m not sure. I think ill look today. If I find one for a good price I’ll pull the money out. I’m not sure though so just keep an eye on the accounts if you need to put more money in. I won’t be taking out a lot if I do need some. If it is like outrageously over priced I’ll wait and seek council next week haha.

Skype-. We can do it Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I’m not sure if it’s like a one time session of 30 minutes or if we can just hang out like spencer so we will see. I can imagine that we can call a couple times but if it is just an hour be prepared. We will email on Monday and tell you when and where and why and how and who and all of the information and stuff like that, But it’ll most like be in the morningish afternoon time. Oh hey. If you can. Send photos of the Gilbert Temple! Also. With the flash drive. It doesn’t have to be rushed, I just wanted a confirmation that you understood. But yeah thank you so much Love you!

I was reading in The Ensign of conference. And the talk from Elder Christofferson. This morning. Just wanted to tell you that I love you and all that you have done and do and will do for me! You are seriously the best Mother in the world! You have been a great example for me! Love you and can’t wait to talk to you next week!

Oh also. I don’t know if you’ve heard. But it’s been a little dangerous here, we have gotten texts to go to our apartments if we see anything weird and stuff. and they just put a new rule that we have to be in our apartment a 8pm. just wanted to let you know i am safe and if am good! My Area is very Tranquillo. It’s calm and very nice. We don’t have any parts that are dangerous or anything. So you don’t need to worry at all.

 Haciendo Comida con Familias del Barrio
 Making food with Families of the ward!
 Connor's Companion Elder Estrada Studying
 Bye Bye Elder Bywater
 Spreading the Gospel
Argentina is known for its Beef.  Of course they would have Steak at their Ward Christmas Party

Dec 9, 2013 Ward Christmas Party


Well this week was a tough one. We found people, good people but all of our appointments fell through! We even had members at our lessons and everything. We feel so bad because the members are walking around with us and then we can’t find the people to teach. So it just turns into one big giant walk in the heat and humidity, super annoying, I think I told you about my first investigator in this area. Well we stopped by with one of her friends from the ward. And we found out that she is annoyed by us. She said we stopped by every day and annoyed her and a bunch of other things. But we were just stopping by every once in a while to see how things are and such. But yeah. So now we have this old lady mad at us and we don’t know what to do. And we are scared of the same thing happening with the rest of our investigators. We didn’t have any investigators at church. We stopped by and they all basically told us that they didn’t want to go. And we missed the sacrament. So that was sad. But on Sunday we had a baptism in the ward. It was the other companionship in the ward but we helped a lot with these girls and the other elders really deserved this. They have been working super hard. But now it is our turn! Haha!

Now with Milagros. The dad was talking with the mom a little bit more about it. I didn’t understand everything that went one but basically what he said was, she didn’t say yes... but she’s not saying no anymore. So we are pushing for this month! Hopefully we´ll have a miracle! We’ll see! But were doing well.

It’s still hard with my companion, but we are working things out.  Yesterday he realized that we need to do things differently. That we need to change and go the extra mile.

We have this Lady in our ward that was an ex missionary and she is awesome! She helped us in this lesson yesterday with a man named Eduardo. He is 75 and keeps offering us beer and wine. But the lesson went great and he is going to read the BOM. But we learn so much from her. Especially walking to and from the lessons. Just talking to her.

Friday we had a Christmas party! It was really fun! But really sad. It was supposed to start at 730. People didn’t show up until 815. And it didn’t start until 840ish. It ended at 11 but we had to run home at 925. Super annoying! I can’t get my companion to leave anywhere! He has to say good bye to everyone and have like a full conversation with everyone haha! But we got two of our less actives to go to the party. We didn’t get the mom to go but that’s okay. We left early and so we didn’t know that some kids invited them to the temple the next day and they went. They couldn’t go inside and so they said they really want to work towards going. And coming to church each week! It was way cool!

Oh yeah! Super crazy story! So we were talking with a lady from the ward. She told us that she was born in Utah and then moved to Arizona! ...uhhhh what part! She said oh I forgot. Starts with an H... uh, I don’t remember but I lived 30 min from Mesa. Because I went to school at Heritage. Oh really. That’s weird. I asked her if she knew Highland High. Oh yeah we lived in Highland. Right next to Highland high. Across the street from a church building. In Apts. Oh ok. And she asked me if I knew a Garner family. Gena Garner that was in LIGHT with me, yeah they know each other. How crazy is that! 6,000 miles away and we have friends in common! Fwah! (It’s like wow in Argentina).

With my pictures I have them saved in my SD and a thumb drive. And I send home the important ones. But I will look for an External. I still have 600 pesos. So I shouldn’t need money but we´ll see next week. Transfers next week so I won’t be on till Tuesday!

Love ya! Have a great week!

Hanging out on the roof with Elder Estrada (Comp) 
 Connor's Disctrict
District Leader 
 Christmas Party.  Look at the BBQ
  Christmas Party
 The Other Companion's Baptism

 Elder Estrada putting up a Christmas Tree
Getting ready for the BBQ