Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 16, 2015 Zombie Dog

Hi! What’s up ‘guys?
Well... There are pictures but.... my camera is kind of really broken! Haha! It still takes pictures. But I don’t know if it’s the computer that makes it that i can’t send them, or if it’s from my camera. Or if it’s just a bad day. But what ever.
Well things are going good here! On Saturday we moved to our new apartment. We really don’t like it! It’s horrible and doesn’t make sense that we are there. It’s really far. It’s dirty. And it doesn’t have things like a fridge, dressers, desks, oven stove, and mirror. And it’s really far! We have to leave a half an hour early to be able to make it home running home. But oh well! That’s part of the mission!
So we have been working hard! Another week we didn’t have investigators in the church and so we are still looking for someone who wants to progress!
We were in the house of a member and the daughter brought a friend home and we were talking with the friend and she seemed really nice. She was talking to us and everything. Now, the member’s daughter is in active. And so we have to activate the daughter and help her help her friend to get baptized! I’m excited she seemed really interested and the daughter got all excited about sharing the gospel but was kind of nervous. I think that is something that happens with us. We want to do things and we want to share but sometimes we just don’t know the way and we don’t want to be embarrassed! The best way is to live by example and when we are ready the Lord will give us the way to help, whether it be with the missionaries or some activity in the church. We just need to listen to the spirit and ACT!!!!!

Well the subject of this title is zombie dog. I will tell you why! When we were walking in our area we hear a sound in the high grass and when we look over we saw a zombie dog! But serious! It was a black dog that had gotten bitten badly in the ear, head religion and we could see its brain and everything! My comp got like really scared and started walking really fast! If we had a camera we would have taken a picture. Really funny!! But really sad at the same time = (

And no we don’t have bikes. And we don’t want to get bikes because the part we are at is a little dangerous and it’s worse with bikes. And it hasn’t been raining that much. Because it’s been raining in the night time, so that is nice. And how that works about someone who wants to get baptized with friends in another ward, they should get baptized in the ward that they live in so that they can make friends there that can visit them and someone shouldn’t get married for someone else. But if they are set on getting baptized in the other ward its fine you just have to have permission from the bishop and the mission pres. but they usually agree. If it’s a good reason.

Im so happy for everyone! Love you all! And have a great week! <3

Tell Jacob i say hi and to write me. I miss him.

For those of you who don’t know, Jacob marble comes home tomorrow

Feb 10, 2015 Wings and Ribs

Well this has been a pretty great week! We have been cooking a lot and working a lot! We found a lady that is super awesome! She is super ready to hear the gospel and tomorrow we have a cita (lesson) with her! She has a friend that is a member and her friend has invited her to church and to activities. Gave her a BoM and sent us the ref! We got there and she was just like pass in! It was crazy! So we will see if she gets to church because she says she usually goes with her friend that lives like 20 minutes away! So we will see!
We are doing well! We had transfers and we both stayed! My comp was made district leader and pres told me he wanted me to be district leader but the difference is that my comp has more time in the mission. So maybe the next transfer I will be made DL but if not its okay, not that important to me! I know that im doing well and just because someone is a leader doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing the Lords work!
We are close to moving. It’s a little far where we will live but oh well. They basically said that it’s done and we can’t go back so oh well. Just a little annoyed because they had to call us and we were going to put the things how everyone wanted and they didn’t call us. They just did it their way! We aren’t going to complain because it’s already too late to do something but oh well.

Today we went to Hard Rock Cafe! It was awesome I got Ribs and they were sooooo good!!!! And I got a t shirt and i bought a calendar! ...ran out of money! Haha! But my parents are the best love them!!! =D

Oh! So the family that we live with like to do karaoke and one time I sang Waka Waka which is a Shakira song from the world cup. And they laughed really hard and so now my nick name is Waka Waka. They made me sing it yesterday again! Haha! Anyways!
We are good! Love you all! Be good and talk to you next week!

4 months!

So one day we , on Monday, we made homemade hot chicken wings! and then after that the word got out that we made them (because here they aren't popular. Especially the way we eat them). and so word got out to the members that we made them and then everyone wanted to eat them! so this week we made chicken wings 3 times! haha! It was a fun week, cooking and everything. We made a hot sauce and a teryaki sauce. But the hot sauce wasn't spicy at all. because here there isn't spicy sauce. And the spicy sauce that they say is spicy here is like ketchup. haha! but they came out good! I really liked the teryaki sauce! and it was really easy to make. we put soy sauce. garlic. pineapple juice. sugar and honey! sooooo good! =D 

The picture of the family is the Baez family. The little girl got baptized. it was a baptism of the ward. but still! 

Then that same girl(last night) she wanted to put fake nails on. and the glue that it came with didnt work good. and so she grabbed super glue and used that. and then 2 hours later she wanted to take them off and she couldnt get them off! haha! all night long she had her fingers in hot water, slowing taking them off! 

We went to Hard Rock Cafe! I got ribs! they were really good! I also ate the bbq! soooo goood! I say that because the bbq sauce here in Argentina is horrible! so I paid extra to eat good bbq sauce! I bought a Hard rock T shirt for $330 pesos. which is like 35 dollars. kinda alot but oh well! it was fun! They had mates that says Hard Rock Buenos Aires. I thought about buying one. but I didnt haha! 

Looks Yummy!!!

it was small! haha!

180 pesos for the ribs.

That's not bad for a rack of ribs!

yeah but it was small! 

That's ok one time in almost 2 years. It's ok to splurge. What did your companion have?

Brisket. it was a little cheaper. but he bought a drink. i didnt buy a drink. it was 55 pesos for a cup and a half of pepsi. no refills. (well 38 for the first cup and then the refill was 17 and it was like half the size). I drank tap water. haha! 

February 2, 2015 Sometimes You Have to Rest-Sickness

Well this week was very interesting!
Now that im thinking about it, at the beginning of the week i didn’t feel very good! And then on Thursday I and my comp both got sick! Fevers, and diarrhea! We were in our beds for 2 days and then we went and camped out in the house of a member the other day because he invited us over! It was horrible! We hadn’t eaten anything to strange or out of the ordinary. And so we aren’t sure what it was that made us so sick. But i think we are getting out of it!

On Friday we had interviews with President and we called him up and told him that we were sick and everything and he told us that we should stay in bed and to get better. So we skipped interviews and we will go tomorrow. But that day the other elders brought us our mail! I got the pictures and the cards! They were great! Love um! I got pictures at grandpa’s party and a lot of Taymar, and spencer’s wedding announcement. I got birthday cards, and Christmas cards. Haha! It was really nice.

Well there isn’t a whole lot going on because we have been sick but we are doing well and now we are feeling better. ...I keep forgetting what im going to put....  anyways, we are still dealing with the apartment situation. It’s a very strange situation. The mission wants us to leave but the owners don’t want us to leave. And i don’t want to pack again... haha! But ya, id like to stay because it’s a nice place. And so tomorrow in the interviews with president we are going to ask him why they want us out so bad and stuff.
But we are doing well. And transfers are next week so ill be on on Tuesday! =D

Well love you and good luck Lauren with your house!

Tell Sister Lyons thanks for the Card! =D (I think it was Sis Lyons)

January 26, 2015 Making Doughnuts

Well the computer now isn’t working right. But I will tell you just a little and I hope it gets to you.

This week we have been working hard. We found a family that is really great! They are a friend of some members and they went to the open house we had! They didn’t make it to church but we found their house and they are very interested in the church. So we will see what happens there! We have been growing the relationship with the members and even the owner of our pension went to church this week! And he hasn’t gone to church in over a year! =D so we are pretty happy about that!

We made some doughnuts here and it was a lot of fun! But it takes a long time! We had to make them at night and then fry them in the morning! But it was worth it! But now we are going to do them again and they are going to taste better! Also this week we made homemade popcorn and milanesa with members! Yesterday we ate 3 times it was crazy but it was a good day,

I have been feeling a little sick. My comp says its sinus pressure. I have a head ache, my ears, teeth, and nose hurt. And I just don’t feel like doing anything! But we keep going!

Today we went and played soccer in like a really nice field. It was a turf field. It was pretty cool .But it’s really hot here! I think today is the hottest day of the summer so far!

Well. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

And we cleaned our room! =D 
We made doughnuts and gave them to some members! They came out good... but someone forgot to put the salt and sugar in. And so it was a little strange! But its okay! It was a lot of fun! and they members appreciated it! 

 Elder Walton making Doughnuts
 Connor doing Grandma Joyce proud!

January 19, 2015 Service and Open House

Well this was a very interesting week!
On Tuesday we had divisiones! I got to go to Jose C Paz. It is a very big area and we took a lot of buses! They also are having problems finding people to teach. We looked and talked to a bunch of people but we didn’t find anyone. We stopped by a member’s house and there is a 19 year old girl that is studying dentistry. And so we started talking to them about that because that’s what I want to do and also the elder I was with. Elder Gallup from Idaho. He also went to BYUI before the mission so we had a lot of things to talk about!
Then as we were going to the pension we were looking for something to eat because they literally didn’t have any food in the pension. And they didn’t have the number of a delivery service. Well we were late and so we just went the night without eating, and then in the morning we went early to go eat something. I had a sandwich of milanesa! Really good! I love it! And fries. Then when I got with my comp, he tells me that we didn’t have lunch that day, so we took advantage to cook, I bought a steak but it was really expensive. He charged me 80 pesos a kilo. And everywhere else it’s like 50 or less. But oh well. We went home and I cooked. It was good! Then while we were working we stopped by a member’s house and they gave us pizza or something I don’t remember. But I remember that we ate a boa load and I felt horrible haha!
Also this week we had to go look at the pension that they want us to move to. It was really far and it’s in the area Grand Bourg. We took advantage and we went and saw some members over there! Haha! But it was a huge chunk of our day traveling just to see the pension and then we had to get the contract but we couldn’t get it out and then we called the secretary to tell them we don’t want to move there and then they started calling us liars and it was a huge mess. And so we called president and he helped us! Now we have to go look for another pension that is closer. And safer. Because I think that no one wants us to go to an area that’s dangerous! Haha!

We also did a service activity helping a Hermana take out a tree in her front yard. And that was fun! Oh also my camera is broken. It still works, it’s just the screen that is broken. I don’t know how. It was in my bag and then I left my bag in the house of a member and then when I went by to go get the bag, my camera was broken. And so I’m not sure at what point it got broken but oh well... it’ll work for the next 5 months (yes I know its 5 months, 20 weeks, 150 day, give or take I’m not trunky).

Then on Friday we have the activity of the youth. It went good. It started like at 9 so we didn’t see anything but they said only like 20 people went... it was less then they needed (because it rained) but oh well.. They are in EFY right now. Then on Saturday we were all day in the church doing a Capilla Abierta. Open house. And it was really fun! 80 people went. 26 that aren’t members. There were two sister missionaries from Honduras. Spencer wants me to get married with a girl from Honduras because he went on his mission there and he married someone from my mission. I was going to take a picture with the two sisters but I forgot and they left. Oh well. Haha! We spent most of the time in the street inviting people in. it was hard because there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic in front of the church. It’s on a really busy road but it’s behind a soccer field and so you can’t see it from the street. And the only people that pass by are people taking the bus who already have a destination planned. But oh well it was a lot of fun!

On Sunday no one from the open house went and we had an attendance really small. 42. And there should be at least 100. Or 80. And so there needs to be a lot of changes here in the Cabaña., So we are working hard. We haven’t had any investigators but we are working and doing what we can! I heard today that my most recent convert from Tortuguitas (Wanda) has been inviting her friends to church and their parents too and they are having a lot of success over there! Makes me so happy! =D

Well im doing great! We are working and we are having fun! The area is really small and a lot of people have already talked to the missionaries but we still invite everyone and that is what is important! I love the scripture in D and C 123 the last scripture! I haven’t read it in English but im sure it says the same thing! Read it! It’s great! We need to do our part, it doesn’t matter what the others do. We need to go to church, read the scriptures, pray, fast, go to the temple, invite people to church, fulfill our calling and be Christ’s disciples and if we do it we will have a surety that we will be saved! I love you all have a great week! Sorry no pictures. There isn’t time...and there isn’t much pictures haha!

January 12, 2015 The Work Goes On

Well... Time just flies so fast! There is just no time to write. Well. Things are going really good! It’s kind of sad here because the members need a lot of work. Families that are members that should be active there is like 150. But only about 60 go to church. There are a lot that live all of what is the religion the only thing is that they don’t go to church. Why..? Que se yo (popular argentine phrase) but we are trying to help these people the importance of going to church. So it’s kind of hard to find new people to teach when the members are so focused on their own problems and fixing the members. They don’t have a spirit of Missionary work! But oh well. We are working! This weekend we are going to have 2 activities. A youth dinner so that the youth can raise money for EFY. And then an open house in the church building. It’s going to be a great weekend! Many ways to find new people to teach and help the members get more excited about the work!

This week was cool because a kid that served in this mission came back and spent some time with us. He is from Mesa. Hayden Smith. Really cool kid. And so with my comp that is ending his mission soon and with the RM, we have been talking about home a lot! Haha! We were talking about hot wings in the house of the owners of our house and they were like, why don’t you take advantage of being here and eating the food here and then after you will have all the time to eat American food. Haha! We said he was right... and then today we went to Wendy’s. Hahahahaha! But even then it wasn’t that good here and it was expensive. But oh well.

Well we have been working really hard. We found an investigator that accepted baptismal date and everything and then they were going to make us dinner tonight and everything. But they didn’t go to church and then sent a text saying they couldn’t go and then canceled the dinner. So we will be passing by later. Not really sure what happened.... oh well! Well. I love you guys a bunch! And send love to everyone especially Uncle Lowell’s family!

Lately I have been studying the stories of the conversion of our fore fathers... I don’t remember the word for it... ancestors. Haha! There it is. It’s really cool! I am really liking family history. Getting to know the stories and everything. I don’t remember everything, but one of our ancestors has a story and it says that 2 years after her first baptism, she got baptized again, and then she got pregnant, and then it says that its family rumor that the father was one of the missionaries. Hahahaha! Super funny! Horrible! But funny! Well. I love you all and I'm glad that everyone is good! Talk to you next week! :-*

January 5, 2015 Happy New Years!

Hello! Well im glad that everything went well with wedding and everything!
Here things are going a little slow, I was white washed here because the other elders weren’t doing the right things. President trusts us and I know he trusts me because this is the 2nd time I am doing this. Well the members are really great here they are just a little lazy! And so we have put some goals and plans to help them reach the things that we know we can reach here in the Cabaña! Here we live with members. We live in front. The apartment is a little ugly and dirty. Over the years the missionaries haven’t taken care of it... and so its just horrible, but the members are really nice and they always let us in at night time to eat dinner with them! Haha! =D It’s really nice. So far we don’t have investigators but the other day we were looking for less actives and we found a man that is an English Teacher. He has depression problems and everything and so we talked the whole time in English. It was really weird to teach in English. Something I had never done. He is a good guy but he has a lot of problems.

New years was fun because they told us we had to be in the apartment at 830, but we live with members and so we got to asado and see fireworks and everything. It was a lot of fun! Also a friend of theirs was here too. He was the bishop of a ward called San Pedro. And then we got to meet the bishop on the 1st and they fed us pizza and a bunch of ice cream! So we have had some great days getting to know the members they are really great. Now its time to put them to work!! =D haha! It was so bad here that they stopped giving the missionaries lunches. And ever since we got here they have given us every day, so it means that they are good members, they just didn’t like the other elders. Oh well. Whenever someone wants to talk about them we just kind of cut them off and say that it doesn’t matter because we are here now! Haha!

Well... I made a mistake last week. We went to an internet cafe and I put my flash drive and my external hard drive in the computer to put the pictures on. And it got a virus. Good news is that today I got the virus off. Bad news is that I lost.... ALLLLLLL my pictures and music..... ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I was trying to be so careful! I hate argentine computers!!!!!!!!! Even then I sent you just about all of the pictures I had. Im so mad and so disappointed. But oh well.

Well my comp is really cool. We get along and we agree in just about everything. He is going to go home the transfer before me and so he is just a little trunky, especially because he has a gf and up until now she has waited and they have a date to get married. And so he says like 4 times a day, I WANNA GET MARRIED. Haha! But oh well. We are working and we are going to do great! =D

I love you and hope everything is going well!!! =D

New Years Asado with the family we live with. Vallejos! 
The owners, charlie Vallejos. 

New years lunch with the bishop. the Bishop's brother in law is from Lugano. so I already knew them. That's pretty cool!  

I found my pictures and everything! So you don't have to worry! I didn't lose anything!!! =D WHOOOO! my companion is a genius! and he found it all! Love you guys!