Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 20, 2015 Elder Hansen's Birthday & Peruvian Dinner

Hey Yall! 

Alright! I’m trying to get this done early. We`ll see how it goes haha!
That’s super awesome! Sounds like you all had a great week! Makes me so happy to hear about stuff like that! Sorry mom that you are tired! Just think, it’s almost done! Summer break is almost here!!! =D

Well things are going really good here! On Monday we got treated to a Peruvian dinner by some members. It was a lot of fun and so tasty! Love it! On Wednesday I got the opportunity to do divisiones with Elder Sanderson! He is from my group (he goes home with me) and we have been together in a couple zones but we never really had the time to be together and get to know each other so that was fun! They have an investigator that is so close to getting baptized! We had some interesting experiences haha! Their area is so different from ours and so it was nice to see a little difference! Then in the night time we were together with some other elders because they live together 4 of them. So that was kind of fun! We bought pizza and went to bed! Well, on Thursday night, my comp got sick! In the night time he threw up 7 times, and so on Friday and Saturday we basically didn’t work because he was in bed all day asleep! Poor kid, but he is starting to feel better! On Saturday a family invited us to eat an asado and so we went over there and celebrated my comps birthday! That was a lot of fun! And it was nice because the dad is a ward missionary and so we helped build up the relationship and it’ll be easier to get him to come teach with us! They showed us their photos and I showed them all the ones I got! So that was a lot of fun!! Then on Sunday we had a miracle! It was ward conference. And we got in and they were talking about Joseph Smith and the restoration and I was just thinking, I wish our investigator was here, but we were thinking he wasn’t, after the meeting we stood up and saw that he was carefully cared for in the arms of a member! It was awesome! And so we went and said hi and took him to Gospel Principles! Then like 3 more investigators showed up! And so we had a really great day on Sunday with a lot to do and new people to meet! By the end I was really tired but it felt really good! The Lord is definitely blessing us at this time for the Work we are doing!

I love you all and I hope that everything is well! Have a great week!

We did divisions with the Zone leaders. I was with Elder Sanderson. We got here together and we leave together. Over the years i have gotten to know him well. He is a great elder and we had alot of fun! then we had an asado on saturday for my comps birthday. The herrera family. Thats the daughter. 

 They put cream on my comps nose and told him to lick it off. he gave it a good try hahaha! more division pictures. they live 4 elders in a department smaller than ours. I dont know how they do it. thats elder Sanderson. Haha! during studies. one of the other elders went out to the balcony to study for like 5 minutes. then when he came in, his comp went outside and did the same thing. and then i said. alright i call next. hahaha! it was a joke but i went outside. then the last one went out. haha! he was the smartest because he sat down, I didnt think about that haha! 

 For my comps birthday on monday, we went to eat peruvian food! soooo goood! Arroz Chaufa! haha!

Peruvian food!! thats  Maria! she is really cool! she made the cake and so thats why her tounge was blue hahah! And that sticker is from Boca. the best soccer team down here! haha! oh and the kid an the other sister is Silvia. She is the peruvian haha!  

My comp got sick and so after we ate the asado they made him lie down and get comfortable. haha! that is the view from where we ate the asado. and that is a member that is getting ready to go on a mission haha!  

 That is MAria. she made the cake. it says SWAGOUT HANSEN haha! 

April 13, 2015 Elder Hansen, Fracturas, Park, Studying, Teatro Colon, Obelisk

Hello! What’s going on! So I know, today you all deserve a good letter. Let’s see how this goes! Haha! During the week I would write down notes so I could remember what happened haha! In overall it was a good week. We are struggling to find investigators and struggling a little with the members. But ya

So in the morning sometimes we all get together as a Zone to play soccer. But not the whole zone goes because there is a lot of sisters in our Zone. There are 4 companionships of sisters. And 5 companionships of Elders. I’ve never been in a zone like this so it’s a little strange. But it’s cool! But so usually we get together the elders and one or 2 companionship of sister and play soccer. The thing is that it’s a little far where we have to go. And so we get up at 445. Leave at 5. Get there and play from 530-630. Leave and get home at like 7 to be able to get ready to study at 8. That is when we go and get facturas which to us would be deserts. Here they are breakfast. Like sweet pastries. They are very popular here. So the bakery opens at 7. And we get there, sometimes we have to wait, and the first thing we ask for is doughnuts. Doughnuts aren’t that popular here. But this place has them. We usually get 2 doughnuts each and 2 other facturas like a medialuna, SO GOOD! And all that is 18 pesos. Just under 2 dollars. So we have no problem. Haha! Oh! The other thing about playing soccer is that so many people have complained about us playing outside so early we play in the cultural hall in the stake center. And it’s really small! Not even a forth of the size of the cultural halls in the US. And so there isn’t a lot of room to move around but oh well. My comp likes doing it so we do it.

Haha. So I have noticed that my stuff is starting to wear out. Like my sock now have holes in them. My garments. My shirts are all yellow haha! My shirts don’t iron anymore. Haha! But everything is holding up. I’m good and you don’t have to worry! It will all last till the end!

So a little about my comp. Elder Hansen from Saratoga Springs Utah. He doesn’t know how to cook, he like to play soccer and has soccer scholarships for school. He is almost 6 months into his mission and he speaks REALLY great Spanish. Better than where I was when I was in his place. He is very much like Dover. Likes to go out on the boat and snowboard and rock climb and do all kinds of extreme stuff. His dad is a mechanic and so that is kind of what he worked n before his mission. He is a lot of fun and just has a ton of energy. He wants to be an assistant so we will see what happens there. Today is his birthday and he turns 19 so he is really young but he is cool.

OOPPS. I hit send on accident.
Oh the worst things about my comp. He doesn’t like IPhone. And he likes Justin Bieber, haha! The other day i taught him to make French Fries. He couldn’t believe how easy it was. So now he has made French fries like 5 times since haha!

So we found this park in our area that is really beautiful and people just go to hang out. It’s called Parque Centenario. It’s really pretty. It’s got a nice big pond in the middle and people go to go practice things. It’s a lot of fun. I said id love to just go lay out there and have a picnic. Haha! But oh well.

Well now we are going to go do a tour of the Teatro Colon. A really famous theater here in BA. We´ll come back to finish Chau!

Alright! Im back!
So Wednesday. It was a rough day on Wednesday. We got the bill for the expense, which is like paying for the elevator, and the lights in the hallways, and the maintenance and stuff like that. And it was 1500 when it should be about 300 or 400, and so we went looking trying to find out what happened. Well. we found out that when you pay, you have to call and tell them you paid, and so in Dec, they just straight out didn’t pay, January they paid Dec and Jan (but didn’t say anything) then Feb., they paid Dec and Jan and Feb. now we had to pay for March, but they are asking for the rent of Dec Jan Feb. and March. So now what we have to do is show that we paid with the receipts, and then like try to get the money back. So we went to do that. But the lady we were working with was really rude and just didn’t want to help. Our phone is horrible and you cant hear anything and she is screaming really fast in Spanish and I just don’t know what’s going on., so we had to deal with all that, pay a couple more bills and the secretary calls us and tells us to look for a new apartment because the contract where we are now is going to expire. So we didn’t start working that day till like 7. Haha! It was horrible and I was tired.

Thursday I woke up with a Cold but oh well. I already got over that. We also had to do weekly planning that day. So we went and bought some snacks and then took it up to the roof. It was a lot of fun up there! And then we went and bought a ham and cheese tarta. Which is like a giant empanada. You have the crust below. Ham and cheese and then the crust above. And put it in the oven! Its SOOOOOO good!! Our lunch fell through and so we went and bought one of those.

Well. On Tuesday we finally got a lesson with that kid from Ecuador. We met in the church and it was really our first lesson that we have taught together as companions. Because the rest of our work has been contacts or just trying to convince people to get baptized. Well with Alejandro we got to teach the Restoration! That was such a great experience and then seeing my comp. It’s really the first time that I taught with someone that was so new. I thought about all the other lesson I had taught when I was in his shoes and I could do differently what I didn’t like from my comps. Well. I was going to tell you about a cool Hospital experience but we got to go. We got asked to give blessing to people in a hospital. And we got to go to a part where the people were in comas or just dying to give blessings to family members of people who weren’t members. So that was a really cool experience! I love you all! Have a great week! Love you

These are facturas. they are so good and they have them everywhere here! the crossant looking one is called medialuna. half moon...? haha. and then a doughnut. they arent as good as krispy kreme but still really good. we sometimes go buy them for breakfast after playing futbol in the mornings. haha 
Of course. Cheese crisp and Soda after church on sunday! you gotta have some traditions stay alive!

Our apartment. 
We have access to the roof and we went and did some planning up there! LOTS OF BUILDINGS! haha 

On saturday we found this really cool park where a ton of people are. there also were a bunch of people selling things like a giant garage sale. we went to go contact ppl. and those are 2 members that are always helping us out! ward missionaries! 

More planning on the roof! 
A recent convert gave us chocolate easter eggs and these cool argentina Hats! haha! the chick is her daughter that doesnt want to get baptized yet

The sisters in the zone. 3 from the US(three on the left). 3 from Chile(2 in the middle. and the one in Black). one from colombia(the one in white. thrid from right) and one from Honduras. (the last one on the right. in orange). 
Teatro colon. its the 3rd biggest opera house in all the world. it was built in 1908. took 18 years to build it. the people who would go were those of upper class. but it was cheap enough that anyone could go. because every would like to go to the opera. and so they made it a public thing. it was made alot like building from France because thats where alot of the people came from and just about all of the work including the material comes from europe. they have a school in there, and they make everything inside the building. there is always someone working inside. Very beautiful! The acustics are world famous.


entry way! 

walking into the actual theater. they were setting things up and had all the light off so we couldnt take pictures inside. but it was very cool! id like to go back and see a show. i dont think its that expensive. they said i lloked like that giant head so i took a picture with it. 

That was mozart. but i said it looked like Joesph smith! haha!
Obelisk of Buenos aires. When they first got to buenos aires that is where they first put the flag and so they put the obelsk there in memory of that!
Sister Winterton. She just barely got to Argentina and so in the tour i got to translate for her haha!