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Dec 17, 2013 I Started my Sister Mission! 18 Months left

Well first off Yesterday I started my sister mission. Because I will leave the mission field June 16. I have less than 18 months left. Whoo! Things are going good. We had transfers I am in the same area with the same companion. Which means there is a reason we are here and we are going to find it. In our ward/ pension there is another companionship. Elder Bywater and Hankins. Elder Bywater left and Elder Hankins got made a district leader and he is going to be training. Brand new greenie from the MTC. So we told him we will help him whatever he needs. Yes I received the packages! I didn’t open them cuz I am going to wait till Christmas. But my Companion wants to thank you for the Hot Sauce. It’s his favorite and from the City that he is from. He was so excited to see that. And everything else. The kids love the stickers and some of the adult’s haha! I love the PJS but it’s a little hot to wear them! The Carmel is like Gold! You made it perfectly! Freaking the best! Love you so much! I love that I have pictures of my Sobrina! (Niece) but honestly! I didn’t open it. =P! I received it on Tuesday. We had Interviews with President. It went really fast. Just asked how I was and my companion and we talked for like 3 minutes and then I left. Haha. Didn’t really have much to talk about because things are good. Wednesday I had to go to San Fernando to do Tramites. It’s like the process to make me legal in Argentina or something. Haha! So we had to take 2 hours on Bus and 30 minutes on train. The process took 20 minutes and then back on the train and bus. Haha!

With our investigator, we stopped stopping by. Just going to wait a while and let other missionaries go for her because she is cranky and won’t talk to us now. And Milagros We haven’t talked to the mom so we are hoping things are getting better but we know just about nothing. We still stop by and teach them and we always have good conversations. Hopefully it’ll come this transfer.

Haha! Stupid boys driving all the way out there for nothing! Haha! But that’s cool! (Dad, Spencer and Mitchell drove out to Glendale to go to a Cardinal Football Game and the game was in Tennessee and not in AZ). When does spencer leave for college? Or does he not know yet? Oh and I haven’t had time to research how much is an external hard drive. So I’m not sure. I think ill look today. If I find one for a good price I’ll pull the money out. I’m not sure though so just keep an eye on the accounts if you need to put more money in. I won’t be taking out a lot if I do need some. If it is like outrageously over priced I’ll wait and seek council next week haha.

Skype-. We can do it Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I’m not sure if it’s like a one time session of 30 minutes or if we can just hang out like spencer so we will see. I can imagine that we can call a couple times but if it is just an hour be prepared. We will email on Monday and tell you when and where and why and how and who and all of the information and stuff like that, But it’ll most like be in the morningish afternoon time. Oh hey. If you can. Send photos of the Gilbert Temple! Also. With the flash drive. It doesn’t have to be rushed, I just wanted a confirmation that you understood. But yeah thank you so much Love you!

I was reading in The Ensign of conference. And the talk from Elder Christofferson. This morning. Just wanted to tell you that I love you and all that you have done and do and will do for me! You are seriously the best Mother in the world! You have been a great example for me! Love you and can’t wait to talk to you next week!

Oh also. I don’t know if you’ve heard. But it’s been a little dangerous here, we have gotten texts to go to our apartments if we see anything weird and stuff. and they just put a new rule that we have to be in our apartment a 8pm. just wanted to let you know i am safe and if am good! My Area is very Tranquillo. It’s calm and very nice. We don’t have any parts that are dangerous or anything. So you don’t need to worry at all.

 Haciendo Comida con Familias del Barrio
 Making food with Families of the ward!
 Connor's Companion Elder Estrada Studying
 Bye Bye Elder Bywater
 Spreading the Gospel
Argentina is known for its Beef.  Of course they would have Steak at their Ward Christmas Party

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