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Dec 9, 2013 Ward Christmas Party


Well this week was a tough one. We found people, good people but all of our appointments fell through! We even had members at our lessons and everything. We feel so bad because the members are walking around with us and then we can’t find the people to teach. So it just turns into one big giant walk in the heat and humidity, super annoying, I think I told you about my first investigator in this area. Well we stopped by with one of her friends from the ward. And we found out that she is annoyed by us. She said we stopped by every day and annoyed her and a bunch of other things. But we were just stopping by every once in a while to see how things are and such. But yeah. So now we have this old lady mad at us and we don’t know what to do. And we are scared of the same thing happening with the rest of our investigators. We didn’t have any investigators at church. We stopped by and they all basically told us that they didn’t want to go. And we missed the sacrament. So that was sad. But on Sunday we had a baptism in the ward. It was the other companionship in the ward but we helped a lot with these girls and the other elders really deserved this. They have been working super hard. But now it is our turn! Haha!

Now with Milagros. The dad was talking with the mom a little bit more about it. I didn’t understand everything that went one but basically what he said was, she didn’t say yes... but she’s not saying no anymore. So we are pushing for this month! Hopefully we´ll have a miracle! We’ll see! But were doing well.

It’s still hard with my companion, but we are working things out.  Yesterday he realized that we need to do things differently. That we need to change and go the extra mile.

We have this Lady in our ward that was an ex missionary and she is awesome! She helped us in this lesson yesterday with a man named Eduardo. He is 75 and keeps offering us beer and wine. But the lesson went great and he is going to read the BOM. But we learn so much from her. Especially walking to and from the lessons. Just talking to her.

Friday we had a Christmas party! It was really fun! But really sad. It was supposed to start at 730. People didn’t show up until 815. And it didn’t start until 840ish. It ended at 11 but we had to run home at 925. Super annoying! I can’t get my companion to leave anywhere! He has to say good bye to everyone and have like a full conversation with everyone haha! But we got two of our less actives to go to the party. We didn’t get the mom to go but that’s okay. We left early and so we didn’t know that some kids invited them to the temple the next day and they went. They couldn’t go inside and so they said they really want to work towards going. And coming to church each week! It was way cool!

Oh yeah! Super crazy story! So we were talking with a lady from the ward. She told us that she was born in Utah and then moved to Arizona! ...uhhhh what part! She said oh I forgot. Starts with an H... uh, I don’t remember but I lived 30 min from Mesa. Because I went to school at Heritage. Oh really. That’s weird. I asked her if she knew Highland High. Oh yeah we lived in Highland. Right next to Highland high. Across the street from a church building. In Apts. Oh ok. And she asked me if I knew a Garner family. Gena Garner that was in LIGHT with me, yeah they know each other. How crazy is that! 6,000 miles away and we have friends in common! Fwah! (It’s like wow in Argentina).

With my pictures I have them saved in my SD and a thumb drive. And I send home the important ones. But I will look for an External. I still have 600 pesos. So I shouldn’t need money but we´ll see next week. Transfers next week so I won’t be on till Tuesday!

Love ya! Have a great week!

Hanging out on the roof with Elder Estrada (Comp) 
 Connor's Disctrict
District Leader 
 Christmas Party.  Look at the BBQ
  Christmas Party
 The Other Companion's Baptism

 Elder Estrada putting up a Christmas Tree
Getting ready for the BBQ

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