Monday, January 19, 2015

Dec 22. 2014 Wanda's getting Baptized

So this was a pretty awesome week!
Im sure that I told you about Nico that is a kid we met through a member. The boyfriend. And last week he went to church. And this week we have been teaching him and he is a really awesome kid. Sometimes a little hard to find haha! But he is getting prepared to be baptized on Saturday!!! Yesterday we had a bunch of people that were going to go to church... well it rained just a little... and so they didn’t go. We have two people that have a baptism date and one of them said they didn’t sleep and weren’t going to make it. And then Nico wasn’t answering the phone. so we went looking for Nico in the rain and he came out and instead of saying, I’ll go next week, he says I’ll get changed. And so he put on a jacket and we went walking in the rain to church. His girlfriend that’s a member didn’t even go to church!!! Then during the sacrament Wanda the girl I sent a picture of showed up with her less active mom! WHOO! It was so awesome!
So we have just been working really hard. We got bikes and so it helps us get around faster. We have been trying hard to work more with the Ward and we have really seen more blessing from it! Work with the missionaries! That is the way to find the right people and to help them accept and live the Gospel! The members are the Key! I know that to be true! Last week Mitchell sent me a letter about how he went on splits with the missionaries and it made me so happy! =D keep doing that and help in this work! The Lord blesses us more than we can ever know!

Well... On Wednesday we got permission to be out with a family until 1030. And so we are going with the Cruz family. And it should be pretty fun!

Then on the 25 at 5 o clock here we are going with the Cocco family to call home and it should be 1 o clock there! Love you all feliz navidad!!! =D

We are now on Bikes! =D 
 District meeting

 Wanda one of our investigators! Shes getting baptized on saturday! whoo! 
 The Sosa Family from Grand Bourg. The parents of the wife live here in Tortuguitas and so we passed by with them and talked a little bit! =D

 we had lunch with the Bishop yesterday, they have their christmas tree up and the bishop always likes to take my name tag haha! 

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