Monday, January 19, 2015

Dec 15, 2015 Hard Work Pays Off

Well the group got bigger by one. It grew from 2 to 3! Welcome molly! =D
Anyways. I am doing good! Today we had an investigator at church!!
His name is Nico. He is the boyfriend of a member. The kid is cool and he accepted to be baptized the 28th. We talked to his dad and he is really nice and said that he will support his son and there is 3 other kids we are going to meet today! =D
We had a really interesting week. On Tuesday we had zone conference. That was really cool. For the year 2014 we have a goal of 2000 people baptized. And so we are working hard to reach that goal! And President got us all excited!! =D and they talked about eternal families. Especially our own. And they talked about the things that we needed to do in the mission to prepare ourselves to be worthy of an eternal companion and all that. It was interesting.

Then we had been working really hard all week long and then on Thursday we found an inactive lady that seemed really nice. We started to talk to her and she has a lot of problems. We gave her something to read and set an appointment to come back later and meet her 10 year old daughter that’s not baptized. Then she gave us a reference. On Friday we went to contact the ref, and we found a family and the mom seemed really nice we were talking to her and she accepted a baptismal date and everything. And then we got to meet the daughter of the inactive and they said they were going to go to church and she wanted to be baptized! And we talked to an old investigator and she said she wanted to be baptized too! Well... On Saturday... it was horrible. We had set appointments, with members to join us and help us. And we went to the first one that lived really far away and we didn’t know the area. And we got lost and never found the house. Then we went looking for the inactive and the daughter. They weren’t there. Then we went with another member to the lady that seemed really nice. She wasn’t there either. So we went to go see our ward mission leader. He wasn’t there and it seems really strange to us. So we have to see if everything is going good there. He is a good man but he is recent convert and had a drinking problem. So we will see if he is doing fine. Then we went to help a kid with his English homework. And he said that he could go out with us. Then it started raining. We didn’t have jackets or anything. In the morning it was really hot! And there was a lot of sun! But in the afternoon it rained a ton! So we were completely drenched with this kid that was with us! But we kept going. And the chick that we went to go see wasn’t there or didn’t want to come out and so we were just stuck out their in the rain and mud. Horrible! It was a horrible day! But in the morning Nicolas went to church! He is our miracle! And so we are going to help him and his family get baptized! =D this week also we did a lot of service. We painted some walls, cleaned out some patios, and I took down a mini tree! With a machete! Haha! So it was a good week! We are getting ready for Christmas. 25 at 5 here we will be in the house of our elders quorum pres. ready to call. And today we went bowling and played pool! It was really fun and out of 10 missionaries I won! 115! Whoo! And I took a bunch of pictures. Then when we got here and I put my memory card in the comp. it erased all of my pictures! Luckily last week I had backed up all my pictures, so I just lost the pictures from today bowling and the service activities! :( Oh well! I love you all and have a great week! On Saturday we have the ward Christmas party and it is in like a camp site that the church owns. And it’s from 830 am to like 5 and so we will see if we are allowed to go! Haha! Love you bye!

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