Friday, July 10, 2015

June 8, 2015 The Real Last Pday

We didn’t get a email again this week, we just “texted” back and forth for a few minutes.  I did get his last email from the week before saying they got to go to an Auto Sufficiency Class (Self Reliance) and a trip to the temple.  Then he said that they were going to a soccer stadium, The BOCA!  I told him that I was still working on his letter and he told me, “No, it’s fine.  I’ll just see you next week anyways!  Haha =D (does that feel good to hear?)  I asked him what Auto Sufficiency was and he said it’s just talking about finances and getting a job and stuff like that.  I asked him if he was going to go to the Zoo.  He said, “Yeah! But the zoo here isn’t that cool.  It’s small and boring.  We have passed by it at least 4000 times and it’s expensive.  I’m not that sad I didn’t make it.”  Then I told him that we had a couple of jobs lined up for him when he went to school.  He said, “should I be nervous cuz I kinda am.”  We told him that he might be able to get a job at Wells Fargo and he was excited about that.  He’d work there in a heart beat.  Then he told me that he had issues with his SD card from his camera.  “So I gotta tell you bad news…my memory card broke.  I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I had taken pics last week and this week and when I took my camera out on Saturday, the camera wasn’t working.  So I took the memory card out and the camera works GREAT!  But I put the card in the computer of a member and half the pics were gone.  Then 2 mins late all of the pics were gone.  =( I’m sure they are still there, just damaged  I don’t know =( but that’s why there aren’t many pics today. Then he told me he didn’t care what the schedule was when he got home, he just wanted to drive home.  “Alright, well I’m out!  Sorry these last weeks sucked as emails but we’ll talk later.  Maybe I’ll try to get on later today! 

Elder Fleming's Birthday Cake
Connor LOVES his Asado 
He also LOVES pic from the Roof Top 
Happy Birthday Elder Fleming 

They got to watch the Barcelona Soccer Game 

Auto Sufficiency Class (Self Reliance) 

Elder Fleming

Love you! BYE

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