Friday, July 10, 2015

June 1, 2015 Last Pday

For some reason, Connor's lds email wasn't working today, so I got a quick email from his personal email.  We "texted" back and forth for a few minutes, and he sent a couple of pictures.  I had sent him the topic that was given to him for his Homecoming talk, "As a disciple of Jesus Christ, we must endure to the end by consistently coming unto Christ" and using Elder Pearson's recent conference talk titled "Stay by the Tree".  I asked him if he was moving, but he said they wouldn't move on pday.  Then he asked for some souvenir money because "they were going to go to this shopping place where you can get everything really cheap!  It's called plaza Once.  And so we are going to go over there because up until now I don't really have anything.  I got a couple jerseys for me.  I got one mate cup.  I just recently bought 2 flags, one of Argentina and one of a soccer team, and then a couple things I can give away like a scarf, and ya.  So I'm gonna see what I can get.  Anything particular you want?  (oh, I'm getting all candy and food related items right before I leave."  I asked him to get something traditional for Taymar, a dress or something and he said he'd find something Mini Mouse.  haha.  Then he told me that he has to sign up for classes for BYU-I on June 12.  He got permission from Prez to get on the comp and sign up and he says it doesn't matter the hour or anything.  So don't worry about it, I'll get on and do that as soon as possible.  Then I asked him if anyone was coming home to AZ with him.  I knew that there was a huge group that was all coming home at the same time.  Like 26.  He said. "from my mission, I am the only gone going to Arizona.  But I'm sure there will be other missionaries from other missions.  I couldn't tell you that exactly, but I know that from my mission I am the only one."  The he said, "Well, this computer has some real problems!  So I'm not sure if you'll get like a real letter.  I will try to send one later!  know that we are working hard.  We are working on Cristian Baptism! =D and just getting everything ready!  We are happy.  We get along!  and we are working really hard!  My testimony has grown so strong! And just in this last week I have learned so much!  Love you and have a great week!

Wings at FHE
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