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Oct 4, 2013 Transferred to Taylorsville and Happy 20th Bday!


So yes I got transferred! My new companion is old companions of both of my first companions so they filled me in a little bit about him. So I found out I was getting transferred on Monday and so I had Monday night to pack and on Tuesday I went to my new area and started working. It happens that fast. So when I found out about the transfer it didn’t say where I would be living or what my new phone number was. So on the way to the new area we got an address. The lady got a call on Sunday asking to house missionaries and then we showed up on her door step on Tuesday. She wasn’t prepared, she gave us her master bedroom. And we felt bad so we searched the house a little and checked out the basement. It was filled with junk but it was perfect and so we asked if we cleared it out if we could live there and she said yes. So we spent the first 2 hours doing that.

So basically what happened with our area is. There is a Spanish ward here that covers 2 stakes, Taylorsville south and Jordan stake. Originally there was one set of elders covering the 2 stakes. Now what happened was they split it. The elders there stayed and then they put us in and we cover Taylorsville. And so. We had no area book. No cell phone. No nothing. We were white washed into the area but way more intense. But we are getting the area going so that is good. We didn’t have a cell phone for 3 days. It was difficult. Also we don’t have a car and so we are on bikes and I am on the mission bike that is Horrible! And our home is down hill and the area is uphill so everyday we are going up hill! SUPER annoying! But! Since the MTC I have lost 20 lbs. I am down to 218! Watch out Spencer I am coming for ya!

SO! On Sunday! I got my first baptism! The kid Salvador Oregon! He is 19 years old! We found him 2 weeks before he was baptized! But he knew it was what he needed to do. It was in my other area but I got to go back and see him be baptized! It was so great! And then this week is a pretty special weekend. Today is Pday because we get to go to the Temple (Oquirr Mountain Temple, We went to the Open house so that is pretty cool!) and then tomorrow is General Conference and the wedding of the Rascon Family! And Sunday is again conference, and their baptisms! And then Pday again on Monday! So basically I am just having fun this weekend! =P haha!

So my Birthday was on Tuesday! I got my package on Tuesday at district meeting. And on Monday since we didn’t have Pday and we needed food cuz we only buy enough for 1 week. We got to go to the store and so I got steak and a couple other fun stuff! =P but yeah so I opened the package. And put up the banner and blew up the balloons! Also the member family dropped off a cake in the morning and so I lite the candles and did all that! It was fun! I cooked up all the steak on Tuesday and packaged them up to have one a day. I really enjoyed the birthday cards and everything!

Um yeah! Things are going good in our area we are really just focused on finding new people. We have one lady named Maria on date but she is not married and works on Sunday and so we have to work through those but she really wants to go to church and everything and be baptized. We have another family that is friends with recent converts and they are straight from Mexico and very interested in the church. She seems more excited than he does but we have only had one lesson so we will see what happened. Also there is a family that the other missionaries found. She is a less active member. And he is none. And they have 2 kids that are baptism age. The kids want to be baptized but he does not. He is willing to be but not anytime soon. So through teaching the kids we will also teach him and hopefully resolve some concerns! But yeah! This is a pretty good area. Oh yeah! One more thing I forgot to mention! Our whole entire proselyting area is out side of our mission! Since the Spanish ward covers 2 stakes. One of the stakes is in the mission and ours is out side. Haha! It’s a very interesting situation but yeah! So I leave my mission every single day! Haha! Haven’t gotten in trouble yet though! =P but yeah! Want to know anything else! Let me know. Oh Elder Hall is from Kentucky.  He likes to fish and hunt and stuff like that. His mom is from Venezuela so that’s pretty cool. He has been on his mission for 16 months and is extremely trunky! He’s a good kid though. But I’ve only know him a week and a half. And I’m not going to let him slow me down. We are going to kill it this transfer! Just you watch! =P


 We have discovered that Connor really knows how to work when he wants to!

 Salvador's Baptism

 Happy 20th Birthday Connor
 A member family texted me and told me that Connor's Pday would be changed that week from Monday to Friday.  I told him thank you and that it was Connor's Bday that Tuesday and said I didn't know if he would get his package in time.  I asked him if they would take a cake to him and he said they always do.  So the members dropped off a cake for Connor the morning of his Birthday!

 Connor decorated his bed and desk with the birthday supplies I sent him.

 Next to his MOM, Connor LOVES STEAK!

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