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Sept 23, 2013 SLS Still in Kearns


Yes I do know Elder Roberts. He is from Draper. HE came with me on the train and is also waiting for his visa to Buenos Aires. He was with Zone leaders (my companion’s old companion). But some people got sent home and stuff and so a lot of the visa waiters with zone leaders are getting switched to English areas. They said I am pretty lucky to still be in a Spanish area! This is why I am nervous for today, we get transfers today or tomorrow. I think I’ll stay but idk! I want to stay. I knew some of the rumors from the AP's but nothing is final until it all comes out. Even the pres. doesn’t know until it comes out so we will see. Um. I guess just ties. I’m not sure exactly. Cuz if I really needed something we live right next to a Walmart. But I’m here for another half an hour so I will keep thinking.

Also! I want to see Mike’s new Mustang! He’s not allowed to smash it up and I want to be picked up from the Airport in it and drive it home! HAHAHA! Okay

So Salvador! HE is an 18 year old kid we meet. We stopped by his house looking for someone else and he wasn’t home so we started teaching Salvador. He said he had been going through a hard time with his family and moving all over the place. And he prayed in august that things will get better. We talked to him about the restoration and baptism and he said that is exactly what he needs. He has been depressed and we promised him that this is what he has been looking for! We invited him to church (it was stake conference) and he came and he loved it! We taught him on Monday night and I got to do a lot of the teaching because he likes English better than Spanish. And I put him on date for the 29th of September. On wed we took some boys from the ward with us to teach him and we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we also taught his family except his mom. And they all like it. His bro is on house arrest but is pretty receptive. He is feeling good about baptism. Only problem is he asked if he could wait 6 months to a year to really know this is what he wants to do. On Saturday we took him to Temple Square, We wanted to take his family but they couldn’t so it was just him. It was funny because since he understands English better the Spanish sisters had to do the tour in English and they didn’t really speak good English. They did a great job though! HE is feeling better about his baptism and he came to church yesterday and loved it! He had to use translation head phones because his Spanish isn’t that good. But our goal is to baptize the whole family. So he is pretty solid! And I love talking to him and teaching him!

On to the R family. After T square they were getting ready for baptism and getting pumped. The branch pres. wife is good friends with the wife and they were talking and she found out that they aren’t actually married. They have been together for 8 years and in Mexican culture they don’t actually get married they just say they are. So we called in the marriage expert. His nick name is Elder guapo. (Which is "Handsome" in Spanish ) he is an ex lawyer and is 70 and works for the church for free getting peoples papers together to get them married. He goes over to peoples houses and gets info and gives them a lesson to get pumped for marriage. So he comes over at 830 at night and in this really nice suit. In a really nice car with a driver and he is wearing thick black sunglasses. (We found out he just got eye surgery that day) (HE IS A BOSS) so when we show up at the R house the father wasn’t there so we started without him. Started collecting info. (She doesn’t speak English and he doesn’t speak Spanish so we translated). Suddenly, He looks at her to star the lesson. The whole time Elder Julian is translating. HE looks at her and says "You have been chosen to be the mother of these two children. God has been wait 8 years for you to do something for God. This is Marriage. You are not a family in the Eyes of God." and then he just stops for like 20 secs. "Until you are married you are not a family in the eyes of God." It was so intense! Then the phone rings and I answer it. It is the Husband. HE asked if we were in his house. And then starts yelling at me saying how disrespectful it is to be there with out him and we are rude and all this stuff. Just totally lighting me up! So I’m like I totally understand. We'll leave right away. So we leave the paperwork with them to fill out. Elias had been working for like 11 hours that day and was supposed to get off like 3 hours earlier and the reason why we were there was misunderstood. He thought they were signing papers and doing official stuff and he wanted to be there for it cuz it was that important to him. Which they have to go down town together to get it done anyways. So he texted that night saying sorry and stuff. He was just angry at his boss and stuff like that. Then he sends a texts that says.” I want to be Married so I can be Baptized" It was the greatest feeling in the world! So they were supposed to be baptized last weekend but he works a ton and the marriage office is only open mon-fri 8-5. So he is getting work off tomorrow and we will have a wedding and 2 baptisms on Saturday! It’s going to be a great weekend!

Cool experience. Last night we were in a member’s home. Good friends and the mom said that she can tell I’m losing weight, that I definitely look skinnier! =P haha!

Alright! Another cool experience. I’m not sure if you can share this with everyone. But if you feel it’s alright do it. I’m okay with it, on Saturday morning. At 3am. We get a call from the Mission Pres to go to the house of some sisters to cast out demons from their house. So we get up and get dressed at 230-3am and go over there. They told us their experience that they met some weird people that day. And that all night they had felt a dark presence. Then in the middle of the night. One of the sisters was awoken by the sound of the other being choked. She felt the dark presence and it was on top of her, choking her. And so we said a pray. It was a priesthood ordinance. And then gave them both blessings of comfort (I got to do one of them). Blessed the house and then went home. That was a hard day. We were all super tired. And the sisters are good now.

Well. Things are good! Thanks for the update! Mitchell Keep up the reading! OMG I ALMOST FORGOT! A couple days ago I finished reading the BOM all the way through for the first time ever! Such an awesome experience! I know it is true and there is no other way than through the Power of GOD! 

Love ya bye   

 Bowling on Pday
 Temple Square with Salvador

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