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Oct 7, 2013 Taylorsville and Conference


So yes I live with members. She is a super old lady. 78 or so. And her husband just passed away. Her daughters live close by and so they are over all the time. There are 4 rooms downstairs. At first we were going to organize it all. But when we realized how long it would take we just started throwing things in the other rooms. She said she didn’t care about any of the stuff and that she is planning on getting rid of it all anyways. But there is a ton of stuff and some cool stuff. She doesn’t cook for us. For dinners we go to members houses to get to know the area and the members better, and for lunch and breakfast we cook for ourselves. She has offered and she always offers to give us rides and stuff and whatever. She is awesome! I think she just wants excuses to leave the house and so we asked her to take us to the store today and she was super excited and stuff! Just a sweet old lady.

So yes we are just finding new investigators. We are teaching a family straight out of Mexico. We have the grandparents on date and now we just need to work on the parents. But we'll get um. We have a family. The mom is less active and the dad is non. And they have 3 kids, 2 of baptism age. The kids are on date and the dad said yes to baptism but no to a date and so through teaching the kids we will also teach the dad and really talking about the importance of baptism and such. Then there is Maria. She has a son who was baptized when he was 10. She has desires to be baptized but she isn’t married and works Sundays. Those are mild hurdles and not hard to get over if she truly has desires.

So cool story time! We were sitting in a lesson on Friday night with Maria. And Bishop Texts us telling us he has 5 tickets to Saturday morning conference if we have an investigator. So we just look at each other and then at Maria and asked if she wanted to go. Although she just got finished telling us how tired she was and how much stuff she needed to do on Saturday, she was like Oh yes I want to go! And she was so excited! So we spent the last hour looking for a ride and someone to fellowship. We ended up going with a bishop that speaks very little Spanish and his wife who doesn’t speak Spanish. But still it was a great experience and she was crying during it. I loved the talk from Uchtdorf! Where he was just smashing the inactives and the nonmembers! It was perfect!

Let’s see on Friday we got to go to the Oquirr mountain temple and go through a session. That was ALOT of fun! And after we went to Red Robin! It was hard to not order something with caffeine especially cuz they ended up not charging us for drinks. But I stayed strong and got a sprite and lemonade. That basically took up our whole Pday. But it’s okay. Worth it!

Saturday we had the wedding of Elias and Carmen Rascon! It was performed in a church with the branch president performing it. It was a beautiful little ceremony. We were going to be the witnesses. And I was super excited but as soon as we stood up to do it, another couple who helped fellowship stood up so we let them do it. Haha. Afterwards we had a little Mexican fiesta in the gym. Some weird like soup with chicken in it. IT was really funny. Since the wife doesn’t speak any English the only thing she said to me was "LE gusto" she said it super like strong and forceful. Basically she was asking if I liked the food haha! It was pretty good. We had to leave a little early because we had to go to the priesthood session! WHICH WAS AWESOME BTW! It was cool when we left we saw the guy that just got married leaving the stake center. "Elias what are you doing here it’s your wedding night" "its conference. I had to be here. This is what we do" It was so awesome! I love that guy! Also I got to watch the priesthood session with my old companions. There wasn’t enough time to take me back. Oh well haha.

So Sunday we had conference again. We got invited to go to a recent convert’s house right after I made and ate 2 steak burritos. So when we went they offered me food and I had to say no. I was too full as it was. So we watched conference in Spanish. That was.... interesting. I fell asleep. I couldn’t keep up haha! And then after conference we had 2 hours to go out and work and talk to people and such and the lady's house that we were at tried to offer more food for lunch. And my companion is like well we don’t want to be rude. We need to stay and eat. I put my foot down. I said no we had to go and work. We had things to do and I wasn’t going to waste time just hanging out with some recent converts. They were cool and everything but yeah. So he felt bad and took the food to go. Haha! That night was the baptism of Elias and Carmen Rascon! It was so awesome to see them be married and baptized! President Salazar did both marry them and baptize them, haha! He is a boss! After they are baptized and while they are drying off and changing and stuff the Elders go up and give the first lesson (the restoration). So I got to go up and since Elder Julian was translating it was just me and elder Toborg. I just had a lot of confidence and I was going to focus on teaching and not worry about the Spanish. And it was really well. Everyone told me my Spanish was really good! It was a great experience and I could feel the spirit so strong! I definitely know I was being guided! I could not have learned Spanish so fast if it wasn’t for the help of the Holy Ghost! Conference was great! But I can’t wait to get the ensign so I can read back through them and highlight and just really learn and understand!

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