Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2, 2013 Villa Lugano Happy Thanksgiving

Sounds like a fun week! Sorry I don’t know anything about Taylor’s video or anything. This week was a tough week. We haven’t really had investigators and we haven’t been teaching a whole lot. We work a lot with the members and the less actives. We are really happy because the less actives we are working with are coming to church and everything! But we really want to Baptize! This was the last week we had in order to have a baptism this week. And we didn’t find anyone, and so we are now praying for a miracle and that we find someone who has already been to church! But we are going to see. Thanksgiving was really fun! We had planned to go over to this Family’s house to have Thanksgiving. We showed up and helped them clean their house while he cooked and He made chicken wings! They weren’t as good because he just put them in the oven and didn’t Fry them but that’s okay. And we definitely did not watch Football, It did not happen. After dinner we went around and shared what we were thankful for. It was a really special moment. Very beautiful. But things have been good.

There was a day that we had planned to go visit a less active youth in the ward and we had another youth come with us, Well she didn’t tell us that she invited another girl from the ward. So there was 2 missionaries and 2 17 year old girls. And our appointment fell through so they wanted to go tracting. Nobody felt good about it, and so we called up one of the brothers of the girls and the 5 of us went out. Looking for the people that we had met previously and also talking to people on the street. We gave everyone either a pamphlet or a BoM that they had to give out before we were done. It was fun. I was singing, ”We are as the Army of Helaman.” Haha! We have gone out a couple more time with youth and I think we are going to try and focus on that. Getting the Youth involved. Have them think of a friend we could visit and then go visit with them. On Saturday we met a little 15 year old girl by doing this, she is living with a less active family and she is not a member. So we want to activate the family and get her baptized.

So On Saturday I fasted and also I had Hermano Valente (who we had thanksgiving with) buy me some steak because he said he can get it so much cheaper where he works. So I gave him 20 pesos (about 4 bucks) and I got 4 steaks. So I fasted until Sunday after noon and we didn’t have lunch so I broke my fast and made steak. My companion ``didn’t have food´` (we had a ton of leftover food) and so he didn’t eat anything, he just slept. (Oh and then steaks were small. and they had a lot of bone so it was kind of a rip off but that’s okay.) So I cooked up all the steak and put the left overs in the fridge, we were in the House of a member on Sunday night. And she asked if we ate, I wasn’t paying attention because I was talking to the other lady. And she asks me. Elder Olsen. Why did you have lunch today and Elder Estrada didn’t?!?! What did you eat? Steak... with what? ...more steak... She went on this rant about sharing on the missions with your companions. Because she was a missionary so she knows. And she spent like 20 minutes tearing me apart. Haha! It was awesome. But yeah. I have my reasons.... blah. I hate this because everyway I try to explain it. it sounds bad. Haha! Basically he spent all of his money at the beginning of the month and now he was out of money. I helped out where I could but it was like he would complain when I didn’t buy him things. Like I was his boyfriend or something. Haha. But now he has money so it doesn’t matter. Haha!

Sorry this is short. But I love yáll! Take care of yourselves and have a good week! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Chicken Wings 

 The Ruiz Family
 I Made Chicken Wings
 Elder Estrada
Burger King

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