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May 5, 2014 Dad's Bday and Asado

Hey how’s it going!

I´d like to make a big shout out to my dad! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! WHOOOOO!!! Hope you have a great day and that Spiderman is everything that you dreamed it’ll be! (They are going to go see Spiderman for my dad’s birthday)

Well I’m doing well. To start off this week I went to the hospital. I’ve been having some problems with my bladder and it’s gotten bad. Where I’m having to go to the bathroom a lot and I have no warning. We´ll be walking in the street and suddenly i have to run to find a bathroom somewhere! It’s really embarrassing when I have to run inside a member’s house to the bathroom. And so the doctor that I called from the mission said I could have bacteria and it could be an infection, so I went there. They ran tests and I don’t have an infection and there isn’t bacteria. So that’s good! But they don’t know what’s wrong with me. So this weekend I am going back and they will run some more tests to find out what it is. Haha!

So the pension that we have now is really small. And there is no water pressure and so we have to bathe by filling up a bucket and dumping it on ourselves. And so the mission gave us permission to look for a new pension. We have been looking and we think we found a good one. We need to call them and set an appointment to go see it tomorrow. So we will see what happens there, I’ll send pics.

Well this week we found a family named the Gomez family, the son (Adrian) works for a member and the member invited him to church. We were in the house of the member and he was there and we started talking to him and stuff and asked him what he was doing on Sunday. He said he was planning on going to church with the member haha! (...he didn’t come) but we invited him to be baptized and he accepted. He said he really needed this in his life now, so we got his address and we went to pass by to see and the area he lives in is kind of dangerous. So we didn’t actually enter in his neighbor. Haha! Because it was night time. We went by the next day earlier and his dad (Oscar) was there. He let us enter and we started talking to Oscar because Adrian wasn’t there. Well after some time Adrian showed up. We asked if there was anyone else in the house, his brother (Mario) and nephew (Alexis). This family is great! Really humble. The mom passed away 2 years ago. They were both fired recently. (The dad and the brother) and there is a sister that has problems and she got mad at the dad and left. And she left 3 of her kids with her dad and didn’t come back. So Oscar is watching his 3 grandkids and raising them with every little money. But they all said they wanted to come to church and change. And accepted the baptism invitation. But none of them went to church. :( And we have passed by a couple times and they aren’t there. So we will see what happens.

Other investigator. She just showed up at church. She has been going to church at a different ward and she lives in our ward. She is dating a member and they haven’t gotten married yet because he has to get divorced. She is really great! She really has desires to find out if this is all true. She has been doing it so that she can be with she boyfriend and she wants to be a wife that supports him and is there with him. So that’s all really cool.

This month we get to go to the temple again! Whoo! 26. Super excited- We heard that the missionaries in Buenos Aires South can go whenever they want. And so they go like every week. Not fair.

On Saturday we had an Asado with the ward mission leader and his parents (who are inactive, and ex branch president, how that works...idk) it was so good. Everyone talks about how it’s like the best and all that stuff but I like my steak better. With asado it has a lot of bones and no seasoning. Haha! But I realized that the meat here is really cheap! For steaks that are like really nice, here they are like 2 dollars a pound! It’s crazy! I just realized it. I might be buying meat more often from now on! Haha!

And last of all, I want to thank you mom and dad for never leaving the church. We all have our hardships but you guys understand how important it is to be in the church and the blessing that come from it! We have been dealing with inactives and their stories are just so tiring. They always tell us, we never stopped believing in the Book of Mormon and the church and everything. I just don’t believe in the members. Okay... when was the last time you touched your Book of Mormon or said a prayer... Oh Elder don’t ask me that! It’s been years...! It makes me so upset to see people like this. Especially when they have kids growing up. I know and I understand that there is nothing that excuses you from not going to church. There is nothing more important in this life than what is in the church and the blessing and teachings there. Thank you for teaching me that and for always encouraging me to go! Love you guys! Have a great week and we will talk the week that’s coming!

 Im going to steal this dog. its already mine

 I made French toast! 
Hice tostado de francés, es una comida de los estados unidos muy común
Alfajores de Havana! Son riquísimos! 
Havana Alfajores! They are so good! haha!  

 A member here has Dragon balls!!!
un miembro aca tiene pelotas de dragon ball Z

El Asado con la famila Colman
The asado with the colman family  

Look what i bought! They are speakers that i can put a Usb into. 
Miren, es parlante para escuchar de mi pen drive.  

 New apartment! maybe... $250 bucks a month

 Shopping de Tortoguitas! 

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