Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April 28, 2014 Funny Story Baptism

Hey yall!
Well things are going good here! I’ve been a little sick but im fighting through it! I’m loving the work. In these weeks we have met so many new people! And strengthen the relationships we already had! So funny story of the week. So we were going through the records we had and found an old investigator named Micaela. She is a girl of 20 years old. And the missionaries had taught her a lot. And another missionary asked me about her. So we stopped by. Sat down with her and her mom and started to talk to them. She was very timid and the mom looked kind of confused. We asked how many in the house were members (we already knew the mom was a member) they told us the mom was a member, 2 sons and the daughter. And then there is 2 more sons that aren’t members. We were really confused. Asked when she got baptized. They said, oh this Wednesday I was baptized..... What....?!?! Where. And they were going to the aunt’s house which is the ward next to ours. And she got baptized that week. And the elders didn’t say anything to us. IT was very confusing. We congratulated the Elders on the baptism and they got all defensive like they knew they did something wrong. And they said oh well your branch Pres knew. We asked him. We found out that that girl had been investigating the church for over 8 years, and the missionaries could never get her in the water until this elder that is here finally convinced her., and Pres said that if she will actually go over there its better than if she stayed in our ward and went inactive. So we let her go and started teaching her brothers and her sister in law! So hopefully we can see some miracles over there!

The Other week we had a Talent show in our branch. It was very poorly put together but it was still fun for the amount of prep time and support we had. And the members said that the nonmembers and less actives that went had a lot of fun and they asked us to do another show with more time to prepare and they are going to participate more! Im really excited. We had a ward council and they talked about getting us referrals and getting baptisms the whole time! They put a goal to have 22 baptisms by the end of August. So we got a lot of work to do! We will see what happens! =P haha! Im super excited that the branch is excited to be in the work! Let’s hope it stays and we get blessed from showing our faith!

Well I’ve been helping my companion with his English a lot. Most of the time we talk English now! He is really good at it, but he is still embarrassed! Haha! I like helping him out because he asks me how to say a certain word and I don’t know it in Spanish so he has to explain it to me and then I tell him the word in English and we are both learning! Haha!

Well things are good! Keep praying that we can find the elect and that they can accept the Gospel! Share it with everyone! There isn’t any moment that isn’t a good time to talk about the Gospel! And if you have done your studying and keep studying the Lord will help you say what you need to say! And even if you say something wrong they will here the words they need to hear even if they weren’t said! I testify of that! Love you all!

Oh ps. we got promised an asado this Saturday! Im so excited!!!

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