Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 19, 2014 Tests came back CLEAR!

Hi! Im doing well! Yes I went to the doctors but everything is fine and all the tests came back clean! And they told me to drink water and take care of myself. It has started going away. So yeah! Everything is going good! They told me if it starts to get worse we can come back and talk to a specialist. But ya

Well this week has been quite the week! On Thursday 2 weeks ago, President Gonzalez the area president, came and spoke with the mission! More than anything it was a Q and A! But it was really great and they gave us a lot of good insight and advice for our areas! So that was cool! Then on Tuesday we had interviews with President. He talked to me about being myself in Lessons and that I need to know the lessons so well that I don’t need to be thinking about the language or the lesson that I should be in there with the investigator and really focus on what they need to hear and what they need to know and then I just be myself. That the lessons and what we teach should really be apart of who we are and what we do! So I have been working on that and I´ve already seen some examples of doing it! So that was pretty cool! Sunday I called home! And that’s always a good energy booster! On Monday we had an emergency zone meeting because the numbers were really low. And so we talked about the Atonement the whole time and we got some cool Videos that talk about that and the missionary work! On Friday the zone Leaders called and we did exchanges with them! It was a very cool day! I didn’t want to because I had to stay and run our area basically alone but it was fine. We didn’t find anyone new but the Zone leader helped me out with some things! Then at night we played with his Laser and took pictures and had milanesa sandwiches! It was good! Haha! We came back and applied what we learned from the zone leaders and found 3 new investigators and 7 lessons in one day! (Well it was like 7 lessons in 2 hours.) Haha! But yeah. We are getting better and we are changing a lot! It’s great to see these changes and the blessing from them!

Love you all and hope that everything is well. We are getting the branch excited and are planning new activities that we can do in these months to get them excited about missionary work! The branch president is getting excited and has some referrals prepared for us! Haha! So we will see what happens. We have one investigator named Nilda! She has been investigating for a while and she has a couple doubts especially about the Book of Mormon and living day prophets. And well she already decided that she will get baptized she just doesn’t know when! So we are pushing with her and hope that it can happen soon! Other than that we have dropped most of our investigators. We got to find the chosen people! There are people that are ready to be baptized now! So we try not to waste our time with people who don’t keep their compromises! Haha! But we are doing well! 2 weeks left for this transfer! Love yall be safe! Share the gospel!

Hablando con la Familia! 
Mi Sobrina! Que hermosa! 
Compañero hablando con su familia
Pizza de estados unidos! y la Chica! (dije a mi hermano que le invitara a salir pero ella esta casada. asi que no. jaja)
La estacion de Grand Bourg
Divisiones con Lider de Zona. Escribimos con un láser que el tiene. 



Talking with the family!  
 My beautiful Niece 

My companion talking with his family. 
Pizza from Dominios 
While Spencer was talking to Connor on Monday Morning (While Connor's Companion was talking to his family), Spencer ordered and picked up a Dominos pizza for Connor to watch him eat (at Connor's request) 
the train station of Grand Bourg. its right in the middle of our area. We live right in there.
 And we did exchanges and we wrote on the wall with a laser pen he has. haha! 

 Riding in the train! 
en el Tren! 
On his way to the Doctors.  Notice the gloves.  It's getting colder there.

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