Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 15, 2014 Service at Del Viso

This week was kind of a hard week for me! It made me think of the trials that we have in our life. In the beginning of the week we had an investigator tell us that she doesn’t get anything from God! She doesn’t get good things she doesn’t get trials. That basically God just sits up there and does nothing. That he doesn’t come down to pay the hospital bills nothing. That is when I asked her what Faith was....and she couldn’t come back at me with an answer.

That’s what started me thinking about the trials that we have, why we have them, and who they are from. This has been a hard week from me with a lot of trials. From Family problems (deciding to move). To money problems, to health problems. To companion problems. To investigator problems, to lack of investigator problems haha! I felt like I was just passing through it all. And I had to think why. Not in a sense of Why me! But why do we have trials. Then I thought about the purpose of this life. Ever since I was a kid I always said, To gain a body and be tried. But then I also thought about what our trials do for us here in this life. I thought about how the trials we have make us grow if we accept them to. God gives us these trials so that we learn. In the movie the Legacy Joseph Smith says that God tries us to teach us obedience and faith. I really thought about this that we don’t just grow but we grow into what he wants. If we pass our trials in the way that we should. Obviously if we don’t than we don’t receive blessings. We need to be patient. And endure to the end and the Lord will bless us and change us into who we need to be to be happy in this life. We create our own happiness but God creates us. Who we are and what we can become! The bad things that happen to us in our lives are not always bad things. We need to see through Gods eyes and accept Gods will! He will transform us and help us learn obedience and faith. I love you so much! Thank you for all the wonderful examples I’ve had in my life!

Right now we don’t really have many investigators. I have been sick but im feeling better! On Saturday we got to offer service to a Children’s Hospital in Del Viso! It was a fun Activity! Not a lot happened this week! We are still looking for new investigators and trying to be better! Love you bye!

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