Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 8, 2014 Divisions with Nunez

Hi! Well this was a pretty interesting week! We are working really hard! And changing a couple things up here in Tortuguitas! Best part of the week was on Wednesday I went and did Divisions with Elder Nuñez in Pilar! It was so fun! This guy is a Stud! We went out to his area which was really far! And out there is like the middle of nowhere! I’m mad I didn’t take my camera! We got to a point that there just stopped being houses and it was just fields, fields, and fields! Haha! Super cool! They found a family of 9 that all wants to get baptized. The parents have to get married but they were ready to go do it that day! And the next day the mom was telling us that she read and prayed and she knows it’s all true and she just wanted to introduce us to all her friends! It was really cool to meet them! Such a blessing! But that was in the Area of the District leader. Here in our area we basically had to drop everyone because they aren’t progressing. So we are on the hunt! Looking for new people to teach and looking for the people that are willing to be baptized in 3 weeks! They are out there! We just got to find them! I’m really excited to be here because the Ward is very good! The Bishop is so excited to work with us and is always asking when he can come out with us!

I have been struggling a little physically. I’ve been sick for a while and it doesn’t seem to want to go away. And my ankle has been hurting and now my toes... haha! And just to wrap it all up my comp walks really fast and doesn’t care if he leaves me behind. Basically last night I walked home alone because I couldn’t see my comp anymore. Luckily I knew how to get home. Haha! But these are just the challenges of the mission! To test my faith! I just got to keep going forward and not let them get the best of me!!

Um... I don’t think there is anything else! This was a pretty boring week also! But Love you guys Thanks for everything!

We went to a cool shopping center place.
 Divisiones with Elder Nuñez. We made French Fries and drank Coke! haha! 

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