Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 22, 2014 Fruits of His Labors

Well things are going good here! I can definitely feel a change! Especially with our Ward. We are strengthen our relationship with the members. There is a family called the Ibarra family! They are really cool! We have been stopping by their house helping their son with his homework...A little strange I know. Haha! But I always love an opportunity to serve. It’s also fun to see how much I remember of schooling. Haha! But we told them that on Saturday we didn’t have lunch with anyone yet and the Hermana tells us it’s my birthday but come anyway. We are going to do an asado and its going to be fun. So we went and it was a great time we got to meet the whole family. Unfortunately none of them want to hear more about the gospel... but we keep working. We hung out with the Hermano and he told us about all of the adjustments he is doing with their house it was fun! And then on Sunday when I went to greet him he got all excited and gave me a big hug and invited us over for more cake! And now he wants to come out and help us look for new investigators and the Hermana has a couple friends that she wants us to talk to! It’s amazing what the members can do when they feel the spirit of Missionary Work!

Also we found a Family that is inactive. The Grandpa and the mom are members. But got baptized like 15 years ago and went inactive. We found them and they want to return. Also 2 of the uncles and the 2 children are interested in getting baptized! And one of the uncles...´´uncle´´ he’s 18. Went to church and really liked it! And we were there talking to him and he is getting excited. He said he wasn’t going to go to church. And then when he got there he was only going to stay 1 hour. And ended up staying the whole 3 hours! So we have had some fun teaching this family!

We are still looking for new people. We have changed a lot and have been working really hard and we have seen the fruits of our labors. Now we just have to help this family get to baptism and then find new families! But things are going good! Im happy and working hard and staying strong! I think I’m getting a little fatter again. But it’s now getting hotter so I’ll be losing some more weight. Haha! Anything else....? I don’t think so. Haha! Love you all! Be good! Getting pumped for Conference!!! Oh yeah! On Friday the 3rd we are going to the TEMPLE! Whoo!

 Asado with the Ibarra family! 

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