Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dec 8, 2014 We Have Bikes! Lots of Pictures and Stories

Well we had an interesting week!
Monday. We went and got bikes from other elders in the Zone. We had a member drive us to go pick them up!
Tuesday we went to get the bikes fixed up. And the men that were fixing our doors brought them back and so we have new doors! Then we got the bikes out to start riding and right outside the pension the chain snapped!!! So we took them back up (3 flights of stairs) and got on the bus! Haha. Then I got my hair that was an experience. I just needed to get my hair cut and I didn’t want to go to a place to buy. So we went to the house of a member. Me, my comp. and 2 Hermana’s trying to figure out the way to cut my hair. I could have done it if it wasn’t my head, and each of them didn’t know what they were doing and were too embarrassed to even try haha! And the 2 Hermana’s are both recent converts and so they didn’t know like if they were allowed to touch my head or my hair. Haha! That night we had ward council. The ward is kind of lost. They put a new relief society pres. and young women’s. So I’m excited to work with them and to be able to help them get started.

Thursday they introduced us to the He is a Gift! It is so awesome and I am really liking it! =D we are talking to everyone about it! Nothing better than sharing my testimony about the Lord! =D we also had divisiones. I was with the zone leaders. And he is from Australia! It was super fun and I learned a lot! =D in Spanish he talks like normal. But then he started speaking in English and his Australian accent came out. It was so funny! Haha!

On Saturday we started using bikes! And it was sooooo hot that day! I was so tired and sore! Butt hurt. Haha! A lot of our area is dirt roads. And so it was kind of hard. And the bikes aren’t that nice. But we survived and they actually help! On Sunday it rained and so we were riding around in the mud all day! It was only kind of fun because I felt sick! But I’m already better :) We are still looking for new investigators. The people here don’t want to commit to anything! So we are in this looking searching and searching!

Love you all! Have a great week!

We haven’t set anything up for Christmas. But the elder’s quorum pres said that we could go to his house. He has an iPad and iPhone and comp with camera. And so we can do it 24 25 26. It depends on what works well for you guys. I’ll talk with my comp and see what he wants to do!

We now have bikes! 
A ward activity that only 3 families went. =D ....... 
 Elder Oillataguerre from Austrilia
 Christmas in Argentina!!

we bought a lot of coke! =D  
 When my comp had to go to the dentist and then didnt end up doing anything. 

 Divisiones with Elder Dasilva from Cancun. 

 Thanksgiving with the Cocco Family
 Arroz Choufa with Peruvians! 

 My brazilian comp! 
 It rained a ton!!!!

  My brazilian comp! 

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