Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 26, 2015 Zone Activity (Roller Blading & Biking) Mission Activity (Soccer, BBQ & Meet the Mormons)

Hello! Well this was a really good week!
We have been working with the Kid named Cristian! He is really awesome! His parents are really inactive! But he has so many desires to come to church and be baptized! His parents let him go to church with us on Sunday!"  And so that was really cool!
We also got to meet a guy called Daniel that just barely got here from Peru! He had gone to church a couple times in Peru but he’s not baptized and so we got to meet him and he went to church. He even came in a suit and tie and was participating and everything! It was really cool! He is the boyfriend of a member and so we went to go eat lunch with them and he was there and it was just like a great blessing! And so on Wed we have a cita with him so we will see what happens there! =D
We also got to meet another kid this week! He is Ezequiel. He is the brother of a member! He just barely turned 9 and he isn’t baptized yet. Now the parents are less actives and the kid has some learning problems. He is a great kid though and with the help of his brother it’s really great! =D We have taught him very little but we are going to try and baptize him before i leave! So we will also see what happens there!
So last Monday we had a lot of fun! We went to a park and we rented bikes and roller blades and we were just hanging out! It was a lot of fun!! I’ll send the pics! And then this week we had the activity with the whole mission! We are lucky that the size of our mission is small. And so whenever you are in the mission you can get to the mission office in less than 2 hours. And so we have the privilege to get together as a mission! We went to this school where the president’s kids go to school and they have a  couple big soccer fields and a big theater room and everything! And so we watched some videos and learned a bit about the mission and the church history here in Argentina! (Which where we went last week is where they dedicated Argentina and all of South America for the missionary work! o that’s pretty cool). And then we had a soccer tournament! We won the first game because I was the goalie and it went to penalty kicks and I blocked the goals!!! Haha! But then we lost! = ( oh well it was fun! we ate hamburgers and then we watched Meet the Mormons! oh and J played basketball with some elders! they were really tall! but it was fun!!

Well I’m excited for this week and ready to work hard! Thank you for all you do and I’ll be seeing ya all in about 3 weeks! Love you!

Empanadas with ham and cheese are the best!!!!

We found the zoo but we didnt go in! 
 We had to wait for all the missionaries by this giant statue! it was fun and we got there really early! haha

I tried taking jumping pics but my comp couldnt do it that well haha! that one looks like i got wings! 

 people bathing in the fountain! 

 getting ready!

We were waiting for the hermanas! 

 We found a hallow tree! it smelled like pee inside! =(

Thats where we teach some times hah! 

 Strong Jesus!!

 empanadas with ham and cheese! with hot sauce so good!

cristian at church 
 our bishop and his daughter drinking mate!
 Mission Activity, Soccer, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
 Pres & Sis Ayre
 Meet the Mormon's....the movie

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