Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nov 5, 2013 Villa Lugano First Area


Sorry I don’t have a ton of time. Things are great! We got into Buenos Aires about 7 in the morning! Then we met the Mission President and his wife. There was 22 of us in this mission. We got to go around and take a little tour of the City. Took pictures at the Temple. And saw some of the main sites like the Pink house which is basically like the White house but the President doesn’t actually live there. Yes I met Elder Chriss. He was on the Plane with me. And a couple other Elders and sisters said hey my mom talks to your mom on missionary moms. Haha! It was funny. So after the site seeing we were dropped off at the mission Home. We ate Empanadas, got our Credit cards and had interviews. There was a little training on how things work here in Buenos Aires. And it is way different. Here they work SOLELY through the members. We don’t go tracting. We don’t knock doors. We don’t do any of that. We spend all of our time with members. And it is really strange. Because in Salt Lake, we got in trouble if we are spending all our time with members. So it is a weird change of pace but it is okay. Then we had pizza in the mission Home and then we given our assignments for the week. Because transfers were today and so vie just been waiting in a different area. So I and one of the Elders from the MTC hopped in a taxi. They sent us off to our area. When we got there it was literally a small little shack! And we have to fit 4 Elders in there. Me, my old companion from the MTC, Elder Johnson, and 2 others. The next morning they said that I am not in that area so I packed back up to move to the area I would be working in. Lopez Camelo. It was awesome. My companions were Elder Loza from Buenos Aires waiting for his visa to Venezuela, and Elder Vidal from Chile. They were awesome! Elder Vidal knows a little bit of English. He gets by but he still has a long way to go. And Elder Loza knows nothing of English. But it was a lot of fun, and I got to sleep on a mattress on the floor again. Haha. But now I am with Elder Estrada in an area called Villa Lugano. He is from Mexico and he doesn’t speak English and so this is going to be a fun transfer. All we have done is put my stuff away and come straight here so I don’t know him. So here we get 900 peso a month. And the exchange rate is about 1:5.8. So 900 pesos is about 160 bucks. so that’s pretty cool.- I’ve been with out money because you have to go take money out of the ATM and the only opportunity I had to do it my Companions didn’t tell me that we were passing by the ATM. Also it takes 35 pesos every time I need to take money out. I don’t need money. I’m good cuz I got some yesterday. But if I need some from my account I will let you know. Don’t have much time. Life is good! Had 3 baptisms this past week and everything! Way cool and a lot of fun! There is this kid named Dario. He is a boss. He was baptized a month a go. And has gotten 2 of his friends baptized already. He would go around with us and help us teach and basically he would do all the teaching, and me. Haha. He’s only 14. Straight up boss! Oh yeah! I saw a kid from HIGHLAND he is in the mission and I didn’t even know until I saw him. His name is Troy Hicks. His older brother Brenan Hicks would drive me to LIGHT. So that was pretty cool! I have tons of pics. I don’t know which to send because I don’t have time!

Love you be safe bye.

 At the Airport
 22 New Missionaries - Buenos Aires Temple 1st Day
 The Pink House - Same as the White House
 1st Baptism
 Bike Riding in the Church?
Connor's New Buddies.  Doesn't take him long to make friends.

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