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November 11, 2013 Villa Lugano, Argentina


So I don’t know the exact address but it’s off of Anune and we live above a house. and so to get to where we live we have to walk around and up stairs. There is like 3 doors that we have to open and close every time we go through them. The keys here aren’t like the keys at home. They are like big and blocky and old time keys. It’s pretty cool. But yeah since we live on the roof we can go up on the roof. It is very beautiful and I got pictures. We live with us two, and another companionship that is in the same ward, and they have the bigger room. But it’s okay. And there is a little kitchen. I haven’t had food all week until today. I made a hamburger! mmmmm. Usually for food. We have lunch with members. We’ll usually they make or buy food and we pick it up. And that is the only time that we eat. Well I haven’t had breakfast food and so I haven’t eaten breakfast. But we eat lunch about 1 or 2 and then we don’t have dinner unless a member invites us over. But it’s rare. We eat a lot of Empanadas. I like the ones with cheese and ham. But usually there is hamburger and eggs and a bunch of other weird random stuff, or like a chicken and corn and potatoes and gravy. A lot of people make something like rice and meat and potatoes and random vegetables. It just depends but there is a variety or what they make here. I’ve had steak not a whole lot but yeah. When they make steak they make a lot and you eat a lot! OH!!!!!!!!! Best meal ever! So what my companion and I are doing is going around to all the members and sharing a little scripture and asking for referrals. And we went and saw this guy. He is about 70 or so and has been a member for about 6 years. He is super awesome! He knows a little bit of English so whenever I’m over there he will randomly say English words. Haha. But we went over there and shared a scripture about the temple- (Mosiah 2:6) and he said that was his goal to get his recommend and go to the temple! That was awesome. And randomly I thought about chicken wings. I can’t remember what we were talking about but he said. Hey you guys are eating here Saturday. I’m going to make chicken wings! And he did!!! He had this sauce that was basically red hot peppers in water or oil, and he said I could dip them in there. But basically there were just plain but it didn’t matter! They were so good! Haha.

But I’m glad to hear things are going well at home. It always makes me feel good when people ask. “And Elder Olsen how many members in your family are members” and I can respond and say all, and that we are all strong in the church and going hard. Haha! Sorry you’re not feeling well. I’m not either. Ever since I got here I’ve had like a Runny nose and a headache and everything but its okay. I´ll get through it. My area is pretty calm. There is like a shopping center right down the middle. Oh speaking of which. So there are these 2 sisters (like actual sisters like blood) that are from Bolivia and work in a store that sells fruit and vegetables and such. We always have great conversations with them and they are a lot of fun to talk to but as far as keeping their commitments or going to church or anything like that just forget it. But the other day I want to say Saturday. We were inside sharing a message about the Gospel of Christ with one of them. First off she let us help. She was packing eggs with newspapers... well wrapping eggs is more like it. And she had like a special way to do it and taught us so that was fun. And then suddenly when we were inside we heard this loud BOOM and a car alarm go off. And another BOOM. We walk outside. And there is this random parade just full of tons of people. Lighting off fireworks. Music. Smoke everywhere. It was like a rally type thing for a school or sports team or something. It was cool. We wanted to go in and watch and see inside but being missionaries we didn’t. Every time they light off a loud explosion (firework) the car alarm would go off because it was that powerful. It was fun! Haha!

Oh BTW. Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson are coming down to Buenos Aires to speak with us. I’m not exactly sure who but we will be able to go and to shake their hands!!!! HAHAHA! Whoooo! We just got instructs on how it will all work. It’s on the 16th.

So when I got to the Area we didn’t have anyone so it’s been all about finding, finding, and finding! The first thing we did last week after P day was going to a member’s house to help with Service stuff. And we asked about her neighbor- We went straight over there, Met her. Had a quick lesson and then put her on date. We have seen her once since and that went very well. She likes to flirt with my companions I think. She touches his cheek and other stuff. Than one day she canceled an appointment. And we stopped by anyway to say hi. My companion gave her a little flower. Haha. I taught him the Phrase flirt to convert. OHHH important part of the story. She is like 80, haha. But yeah. We are going to convert her. We have found others but nothing really too promising and so its all about finding!

Love you, Connor

Ward Halloween Party in Taylorsville just before he left for Argentina 
The Elders had a Lemonade Stand.  If you took a pass along or a Book of Mormon, you could have a cup of lemonade, Taylorsville, Utah
 Elder Bridge from Canada, Taylorsville, Utah
Baptism of Julian and Christian the day before Connor left for Argentina

The LONG flight to Argentina!!! He left Salt Lake on Monday, Oct 28th around 11 am and arrived in Buenos Aires on Oct 29th at 7 am (there's a 4 hour difference). 

 Elder Roberts Visa Waiter with Connor in SLCS.  Traveled to Argentina together.
 Sight Seeing in Bueno Aires
 Me and Elder Roberts in the Airport. I look sooooooo tired!  Mcdonalds

What i slept in my first night. Literally a shak. Only there for a night so its okay. 

This is Dario. He is a cool little kid. When he realized that i dont speak spanish well he was like the only one that would talk to me really slow. I had a lot of fun expericences with this little kid in one week. Oh that picture of that purple bike i was on. with the basket. I was having so many problems with my bikes. They kept breaking on me. Finally a gilr from the ward let me use her purple one it was awesome but i felt more like a taxi. Becuase they would put stuff in the basket. and the kids from the ward and investigators would sit or stand or ride on the back. haha 

So last tuesday the day of transfers in the morning. All the missionaries in the ward. 7 of us. went to this families house. It is a hermana and her daughter. The daughter is 20 going to Mexico on her mission. They are the Luna family. We went to their house almost everyday. but o nthe day of transfers we went. Started off by playing quarters. Where you spin the Quarter and then chuck it at the losers knuckles. We all left with bloody knuckles. Then we played catch and monkey in the middle. It got very intense. Then we played a game where we wrote down someones name and something they had to do. but you actually had to do the thing you wrote down. So i had to do the worm. but its okay haha. We had alot of fun, Then we played spoons. haha The card game. That family is very close to the missionaries, haha

Elder Loza. Visawaiting to Venezula
Elder Estrada. our work area. both of ours

House with a View

The Night View
Caffine is NOT BANNED

Connor's Kitchen

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