Sunday, December 8, 2013

November 18, 2013 Villa Lugano Answered Questions


Bathroom is basically normal. warm water. we have electricy and everything. Except here there is toilet and one more thing. I dont know what it is called but it is for cleaning up underneathe, really weird. I dont think i will ever use it. haha! Yeah I like our pension. Its a little small but EVERYTHING in Argentina is small. All the stores. The streets. the cars. everything. they really pack things in there. haha. I found tabasco today, bbut it was like chapolte so its like sweet not spicy. and  it was 114 pesos. so its like $25 bucks. haha- Laundry, we call up a guy, its like a service. They pick it up. and do it. and drop it back off  the next morning. so about 30-40 pesos. 6-8 bucks. its not bad. makes it very easy. and it all comes already folded and everything. Including socks. The food is okay. Sometimes its like really gross but other times its like REALLY good, but usually in this area its empanadas and pizza. Every day! Yesterday. When we went to pick up our food. inside on the table they had Hamburgers. and churripan. which is like a hot dog or a brat type deal. and so we both were really excited. When we left the house and looked in the bag, it was like a rice and beans mixture with other stuff. Im not exacly sure. I didnt eat it obviously haha. And my companion felt sick all day after he ate it. soo im glad i didnt. since we go home to eat almost everyday I had hamburgers in the freezer and i had bought things to make empanadas. but its was just with cheese. so basically it was a quesodilla. haha! Really good! The best thing about Argentina so far... Idk. In all honesty. it kinda sucks. Its dangerous. the food doesnt compare to the us. alll the cars are tiny. and the people are grumpy. probably the best thing is that there is a meat shop on every corner! haha! I havent gotten anything yet but there are meat shop everywhere, and its really fun to talk music and movies. because EVERYONE knows american music and movies. last night the kid of a member was watching Tangled in spanish. haha! I wanted to watch, I bet its so funny in spanish. Whole different experience. but yeah. Everyone espeically the kids are like, do you know Eminem. rehianna. FUN. ACDC. and like everything. its funny. Im getting to know the area a little better. Yesterday ALL of our appointments fell through. and so we were just walking through our area looking for investigators or members to talk to. to teach. but either everyone was sleeping or out. and so we spent ALL day walking it was horrible. But it was worth it at the end, We went to this members house whose daughter isnt baptized yet. Her name is milagros. Which in English is Miracles. We went to their house and he ALWAYS has soda for us. (he is the guy that made us Chicken Wings) we were sitting and talking and suddendly he is like, Hey do you guys want some steak? reaches into his fridge and pulls out a giant bag full of New york Strip steaks.So he cooked um up for us! SOOO GOOD! its sad though because he is working towards going to the temple. but he smokes and everytime we go to his house we can smell it on him! So today we are going to have a FHE and Bajamos la Caña. Drop the cane! we´ll see how it goes. We arent finding that many. We have had a pretty rough week. alot of our appointments have fallen through, and alot of our investigators have told us they dont have desires to learn more or go to church. and so we have been doing alot of praying and fasting and really focusing on the little things to make sure we are exactly obident. So hopefully this week is different.
Okay . about the package. For christmas, or sometime in the near future. I want a thumb drive filled with pictures. more from the passed. In totality and LIGHT and sports and the family and everything. just all. Including pictures from recent. Pictures of Taymer, pics from Spencers mission. and after he got back. just alot more pictures. whatever you can find, whatever you can fit. And like random pictures that you see on Fb like of my friends or something like that. things you might think are importante. if this isnt too much to ask, haha! and you can take your time. not to send it off by tomorrow. !
Okay. So Elder Holland came on saturday. We left at 7 in the morning. and we left to go to the Chapel that it was in. and when we got there they had it like totally organized. and we had to wait to be asked to walk in. There was 3 missions and the MTC that came. so it was a big deal .I saw some ofthe elders from the MTC that went to the different missions. There was Sur and Oeste there also. (south and west. ). The area 70 spoke and Elder Soares. and Elder Holland. And all of their wives. It was really great. and i learned so much. Mostly that it doesnt matter what we say. It is who we are that matters and that the people are going to see. and that Elder Holland doesnt care about our Gospel and doesnt want to hear about it. He only cares about the Lords gospel, becuase nothing short of that is going to get us into the Kindom of God.
Things are going pretty well. Today we went to this place. called Jumbo. i didnt know what it was, i just knew it was a Store. and my comapnion said its basically like a walmart. with food and stuff. So i was like okay. Perfect. I brought my mission money to by food and nothing else. When we get there, It is literally like a mall. We all felt like we were in the US. I felt like i was in Mills Mall. I was mad because i didnt have any money! I mean i dont have any money to begin with but still. We went to BK and looked around, and then left. We are going to go back next week with money. No one bought anything. Oh I went with Elder Chriss, We hang out with him alot. hes fun. Okay. They want to go play Futbol and i am getting yelled at. Haha! 

Love ya! Hope things are good!

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