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November 25, 2013 Villa Lugano More Argentina Info


My week was okay. Things are getting a little bit better. I would say I’m pretty well adjusted in Argentina, all except the language. But I can do what really matters. Teach and testify. The only problem is when it comes to like answering their questions or trying to teach people, not lessons. It’s a little harder. But I’m getting better. I talked with some of the other missionaries and I found out that I talk ALOT more than they do, Like in lessons and stuff. And so at least I’m trying and that’s all that matters. But yeah. My companion is Elder Estrada. He is from Culiacan Mexico. He is cool. Sometimes he is a little like a Mexican version of my last companion, Elder Hall. But it’s okay. Sometimes he is hard to deal with. But I think a lot of it is my pride. Idk. He just kind of expects me to know everything. To already know the language and the members and the area. And he gets frustrated when I don’t. And sometimes he’d be like okay. I’m not going to talk, or okay I’m following you where are we going. And its like, uhhhh, I have 3 days in this area. I know just about nothing... haha. But it’s okay. things are a lot better. He’s really funny and we get along pretty well. Just goofing around and stuff. When were we walking on railroad tracks? And ya. Well no. haha. There is a very interesting system of transportation here. There are buses called colectivos that just drive around and make their loops. They kind of rule the road. They drive very fast and shove as many people in as they can. Most of the time I am squeezed tight with people. A then there is a train or 2 no sure exactly. And so to get to the mission office, we have to take an hour on colectivo and an hour on the train.

To answer your question, yes. In Spanish. The word for Appointment is cita. Anyone that speaks Spanish will call them citas. Or leccion. Or chalas (basically means informal conversation). The Ward is good. The people are really nice. The Bishop is loaded! He owns a company or something like that. I’m not exactly sure but he has a really nice house (which is saying something for Argentina) and they have been to the USA 3 different times, Utah Vegas LA Miami and ya. Haha. But they are really nice and really friendly. There are 2 sets of Elders in our Ward. In our half we basically have all the members. But on the other half they have like 3 active members but they have all the Villas. So they teach a ton. But it’s okay. We walk to church. The church is in our Area so I got lucky. It’s a 10 minute walk from the Pension (house). Eating is fine. Yesterday I had to eat Spaghetti. It wasn’t that bad, Last week I had to eat menudo. I didn’t know what it was. And I didn’t want to know. But one of the Elders asked and after I knew I couldn’t finish it. But it’s okay. Haha. I try and eat healthy. I try to eat fruit and when there is Vegetables I eat them. There is hardly ever vegetables. And yes I am taking the Vitamins. My Pday. Well we have studies until 11. Then we work. Then lunch with members about 1 or 2 depending on the member, then go out and work again until 930. We spend a lot of time visiting members and less actives. Because we work on getting real conversion. And then ask for references. We have started knocking doors and talking to everyone on the street because we really need people to teach and the ward isn’t giving us references. But its okay, the week. Church Sunday, Monday internet, shopping, and soccer. That’s about it... we might go play golf one of these days. And then wed is District meeting and Thursday is weekly planning.

So last Monday. We went to the Church to play soccer in the morning for exercise. We go about every other day. But for some reason this time was different. While we were playing we hear this guy yelling, at us. For playing Soccer at 630 in the morning. Then he started throwing giant rocks at us. Like the size of my hand. Through the gate. We just stayed cool and said sorry but this is the only time we can play. He called the cops on us... But in Argentina. There is Policia. And Guarderia. The police basically can’t do anything. But the Guarderia. I imagine they are more like Military. And they are everywhere. Anyways with bulletproof vests. And they have the power to do just about anything. They could walk up, punch some random guy in the face, and nothing would happen. I haven’t seen it done but it’s just an example. So the Guarderia was called. And we were talking to them and basically the guy could order a court day for us where we both discuss our sides. And everything but he didn’t do anything. The Law is weird in Argentina. So that was fun. But we haven’t been back to play = (  haha.

Saturday we did service for a family that owns a little shop like a Deli. We cleaned up a little bit and ya. I think the main reason why we were there was because the daughter (about 20 years old) is really pretty. And they have a TV play. Basically anytime I looked at my comp he was watching the TV. I had to keep yelling at him! But we had fun. They also had music playing and they played the song Boogie Wonderland! It brought me back. But I was sad because I couldn’t remember the dance haha! =P

Love ya! And my companion sends his love also!

Lunch at the Mall at Burger King with Elder Chriss

 Walking on the Train Tracks with Elder Chriss
 Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson
 First day in Argentina
Playing Soccer at 6:30 am.  Good thing they didn't get arrested

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