Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 14, 2014 Elder's Surgery


Sounds like a busy week! Super sad that they are leaving Idaho! But I guess its time to move on in life and start building the family! I can’t wait to get my soapbox speeches from dad about Girls. But I’m doing well! Here it is starting to get cold! I got my jackets out and sometimes I wear my beanie. Yesterday I wore long johns because I really don’t want to get sick. Stupid humidity. I’m just not used to it. But sure enough last night I started sneezing. But I feel fine. Well let’s see. This week my companion had to have operation on his eye! We went to the hospital to run some tests and take his blood and stuff like that and then Saturday was the surgery, it was really weird because we didn’t know when or where we had to be there. And so we called in the night on Friday and they said we had to be there at 7 in the morning, we had to cancel some lesson that we had scheduled and we woke up at 4 to be able to get where we needed to go. It was funny because when we left the house at like 5 there was a ton of people outside in the street and there was loud music. Apparently there is a night club really close to the house. It was freezing but girls were walking around in the skankiest outfits. And they were all drunk kids, like 18 19 year olds. Super sad. But we headed out on the way to the hospital. We got there all good and everything. They had him change out of his clothes and put the hospital robe on. He was confused if he should take off his garments! Haha! And then they took him back and said that I had to wait in the waiting room. I was confused because I had to be with my companion always! But they said I couldn’t go in so I went and sat on the couch. I found a vending machine and bought a coke. And got myself situated. I thought it would be long so I brought study material and was going to make some calls but before I could get anything out they called me back in. He was sitting on the chair. One eye was patched up and the other was closed like he was exhausted! Haha! And then said okay. You can changed back in normal clothes and you have to be back on Thursday to do a follow up and then they sent us on our way. We got there at 730 and left at 930. We thought we were going to be there for at least a day. So we went home and he rested in his bed and I got a little studying in. We had to go look for food. He was fine he just said that his eyes got tired fast. But we went to church the next day and we worked like normal. Haha! So everything happened good and it all went well!

And well as far as Investigators we are lacking. We are still in searching mode. We have found someone new named Constanza. And her son is named Alan. She is a Best friend of a member and she was going to investigate the church when she was younger but her parents didn’t give permission. But now she is! Haha! We have had one lesson with her, she had questions and was sincerely trying to learn. Haha! She was worried about the baptism because in the Catholic Church (she said) to be baptized both your parents have to be members and they have to have a ´´blessing´´ from the church. And so she was worried because she divorced her husband. Or is going to something like that. But ya! And she didn’t come to church this week because she ended up in the hospital. We don’t know what happened but the member friend told us that she had to go to the hospital but we have a cita with her on Tuesday. So well see. Haha!

This Friday we are going to do a ward activity. We are going to have a Talent show to find more investigators and to excite the inactives to come! And then on Sunday we have ward conference, and so the leaders really want a big turn out! If we can get 100 at church that would be really cool. We will see! But yeah! Super weird that it’s already the 6 week. Next Tuesday we have transfers! And 14 months from Wednesday I will be at home! Super weird! It’s okay... Im not trunky though! Not even a little ;) haha! Love ya! Hope everything is well!

 All you can eat Pizza from last week.  Thank you President!
Toretto's Car Wash - Fast and Furious 
 DL's and ZL's watching TV 
 We always send Connor pictures of Taymay, so he sent back a picture of a little girl in his Ward.
He said, "I have a baby, too!"

 Elder Micanquer's Surgery

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