Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 22, 2014 Didn't get Transferred


To start off. We had transfers but we didn’t get transfer. I am still here in Grand Bourg with the same Companion Elder Micanquer. We didn’t think that we were going to get transferred. Well this week was an interesting one. The best part was that on Friday we had a talent show to look for new investigators. It brought me back to my performing days. It was fun! We were thinking the Ward was going to be more involved so we didn’t plan or prepare very well. But when we got there, there was a lot that wasn’t ready like the program and who was going to perform. So during the show I was running all over asking people if they were going to perform and when they could. Our ward mission leader was going to do MC but when he got there he pulled out his guitar and started practicing with other people. It was awesome because they pulled together some really cool songs. But it made us have to do everything. So it was fun and annoying at the same time. While we were waiting it got quiet because all that was left was the ward mission leader and he was almost ready. And it was like in Fast and testimony meeting when no one goes up and it’s super awkward. And so I told my companion I would sing. And then the ward mission leader walked in. So I said awesome I don’t have to sing! Haha! Then he went to set up and my companion said, while Patricio is setting up Elder Olsen is going to sing a song.... oh shoot! Haha! So I sang I´ll be your Crying Shoulder. I always got that song tucked up my sleeve. And it didn’t matter if I messed up the words because no one understood! Haha! They said I did really well. They were impressed. I have a video but I can’t email it. Maybe ill ask someone to upload it on FB.

Well. Other than that, On Tuesday we had exchanges. I was with Elder Damitz. It was nice. We always have good conversations. We went out looking for new investigators, but no one listened to 2 gringos. Haha! Then on Thursday we had to go back to the hospital to do a little check. Everything is fine and we don’t have to go back out there! So that’s good! On Sunday we had Ward conference. It was good and there was a lot of people there! We didn’t have any investigators though. After the meetings we had a ward council type thing with the stake where we talked about how the branch is doing and how we can do better. It was good because there is a lot of things that the branch isn’t doing which will help us out. After I was feeling really bad that I went home. Laid in my bed and woke up at 830. Haha! I felt like throwing up a couple times. Im doing fine. Just a giant head ache. Sneezing and running nose. Sore throat. And my whole body aches! Haha! It stinks because there is no time to be sick in the mission! Haha! But I am having fun and I will beat this flu! I take my vitamins and I try to eat healthy, it’s hard because the members don’t feed us healthy and they make us eat a lot. And then when we need to buy food. Buying healthy food is so hard because there is no time to cook and they give us so little money. Not that I am trying to justify myself. Haha! But yeah! Right now we don’t have any investigators. We are still looking for new investigators. We have been reading about the diligence and how to find new investigators. And so we will see what happens! We have some potentials. We will see if they do their commitments and want to progress. Because after we do everything we can, it’s up to them to do their part, and if they don’t we have to drop them!

But yeah. Easter here. They don’t really do much! There is a lot of Chocolate eggs. They don’t know why that it is eggs and bunnies. But they just eat the eggs. Haha! They don’t hid or give presents or celebrate anything. Well. I think it’s one day they actually go to church but that’s about it. Haha! But I was sick all day. Asleep in bed. So nothing happened! Haha! Well Love you! Hope everything is good! And glad to hear you guys are having fun!

You always see random fires in the streets like this Everywhere 
 We had a talent show. Prizes
 Linkin Park.
 Everyone is jealous of my camera because it takes pictures like this of the moon. 
This was the night of our Eclipse
Arent we cute in the mirror. 
Someone played a prank and put up a picture of a kid in the Ensign that looks like Elder Micanquer. and then they printed out a picture of me and put it on the board in the church 
These are some pictures around our church building. ITs a little different. We had ward conference this week and so we had a luncheon thing after. They made chicken nuggets and Little pizzas and french fries in the shape of smiley faces. I felt like children. haha! 

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