Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 7, 2014 Conference Weekend


Sorry. Time passed by really fast and I don’t have much time! With the recipes yes you can email them! Haha! That’s what I wanted. But that’s my fault for not making it clear!  Conference was so awesome! I learned so much! I really liked Holland’s talk about how God is a tough God and that we need to be tough when we share the Gospel and talk to others about what we believe! Christ has an unlimited capacity to forgive sin! But he never condoned sin. (I think condone is like tolerate.) Haha! But yeah super good! We watched it at the stake center about 30 minutes away! It rained ALL WEEKEND LONG! I said all of sat that no one was going to be there. We got there a little early and there was 4 members. When it started there was about 10. Haha! And the 2nd session there was more! Well. On Sunday there was more people. A couple from our branch so that was good. We got there late because we went out looking for investigators to bring with us and since it rained it was super muddy and we both destroyed our shoes and got there in the middle of the talk of the lady. So we missed Uchtdorf and Ballard!!!!!!!! So I have to go back to listen to those! Luckily they had a seperate room so that we watched it in English. And conference was from 1-3 and 5-7 and 9-11. So we couldn’t see priesthood but we heard we will watch it with the zone one of these days. I want to download them all on to a disc so I can listen to them in the apartment. Haha! That is what I did with other conference talks! Oh and for the month of March we broke the record of Baptisms in the zone and President paid for us to go to an all you can eat pizza restaurant. We went today. We thought we were going to play Futbol after but we didn’t. We went in normal clothes but everyone else was with ties. Haha! And we got there late because we got bad directions so we were the butt of the joke for the lunch! But it’s okay. There was a TV on in there and the zone leaders and district leaders were sitting there watching the TV. And I got a picture of them all just sitting there watching. Haha! Then we quietly asked them to turn off the TV. And they did. It was super funny. They got mad. And asked them to turn it back on! I thought it was super funny! But even then I was super shocked that the zone leaders and other missionaries would just sit there in public watching TV like. But oh well... All I got to do is worry about myself and make sure that I’m doing things right! Haha! Love you! Glad to hear everything is going well! Also can you send me pens! I like that multicolored pen you sent me! I lost the cap so I can’t use it!!! Also I like the zebra pens. If you can. If not I understand. Love you be safe be good!

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