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March 31, 2014 I Found Bacon and Abigail

Well this week was a good one! I’m glad that everyone had fun with their birthdays and that you had some cool experiences this week! Well. The most exciting part of the week was the Baptism of Abigail Figueroa! She is a little 9 year old girl. Really special! Her family is all members that she was waiting to get baptized by someone in her family. And her brother just turned 16. So her brother Willy baptized her! She is a little timid but is really great! The baptism went great, I felt the spirit so strong! I always do! Now that I know what it really means for them! And I know that these people wont just be apart of my life here but they will be apart of my life for eternity! I’m not sure if I mentioned it but for the confirmation of Santiago a couple weeks back I got to confirm him and Elder Micanquer did the one for Claudio. And then I again got to Confirm Abigail! And so the same day that Elder McStraw was confirming Noah there, I was also confirming here! That’s kind of cool! The best part is. I saw a picture of the baptism of the brother (who baptized her) and on it was the email address of the missionary that baptized him. And so I wrote it down and sent him the photos! He already responded and said I made his day and he is very happy to see that they are going strong! So that was pretty cool! A lot of this week was preparing Abigail for her baptism and so we didn’t really do much else! Obviously we did other things. But a lot of our investigators weren’t progressing so we had to drop them! There is a lot that aren’t married and its super hard to get married here so we just basically have to wait till first they make the decision to get married then wait to have them do it! So we are in finding mode! We had some other investigators but we will see.

There is a kid named Lucas. 15. He likes to play soccer and the church is having a tournament soon and he has been coming to church for a while. His brother is a member. You have to be a member of the church to get into the tournament and so he started coming more. We were told that we got permission to start teaching him the house of a member and so we started talking to him, He is really cool. And has real desires to follow Christ, Well we went by and talked to his mom who is a pastor in another church and she basically yelled at us. She said she felt offended and said we lacked respect for teaching him without her permission and behind her back. She said that she would be sinning by letting her son join the Mormons and that God will say to her, what you have done! You let your child get away! She got mad at us and used the example, ¨¨in our church we go to the street and help the boys on the Corner and pray for them we go to the sea to fish. We don’t go to the fish shop to fish. They already have their place¨¨ basically she was saying that what we do is go around and try to ¨¨steal¨¨ the child of the other religions. I was getting mad and wanted to yell at her so I didn’t say anything and my companion handled it really well by teaching about the authority and priesthood and that families can be together forever. And so we lost our investigator but hopefully he continues coming to church and gets baptized when he is 18 like his brother did.

We have some others but we will see. We really got to focus on Finding! And they are going to have a broadcast right before conference because here conference is going to be at 1 and 5 and so they will do the women’s broadcast at 11 or 9 or something like that! Haha! So that they don’t have to get together a bunch of times. Because it’s hard you have to go pretty far. And we won’t get to watch the priesthood session. It’ll be too late! And the eye is getting better but he still has his little thing. Haha! Well, Love you all! Take care! Recipes I need Pancakes. Teriyaki sauce. French toast- cinnamon rolls!!! And ya!

 I found bacon!!!! it wasnt the same.... haha! but its okay!

  And we had alot of ants in our apartment and when we went and got Raid. We sprayed EVERYWHERE! we killed the ants! the mosquitos! the Spiders and everything! well. Thats night when we got home there were two giant cockroaches on the floor! they were already dead, We think that they were used to coming out and eating what the elders before us left out during the day and hiding at night or leaving. and this time they were unlucky and died from the poision that was on the floor! haha! 
We had a baptism this week. Abigail F. Her brother Baptized her!  

 This is Abigail and Santiago. 

 And at the baptism they had a giant cake that was really good! And little gift things that are like a memorial for her baptism and they are little clay things of her, and I got one! haha! 

Isnt my companion cutE! 

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