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May 26, 2014 I Love To See the Temple...


Things are going great! Today we went to the Temple and so that’s why I am writing so late! I had to get up at 4 to go to the train at 5. We went and we were sitting in the train and elder Micanquer says I forgot my recommend! And I realized that i forgot mine too! So we take off running because we live close to the train! And there was a little bit of time. So we took off running. Got the recommend and got back on the train in time before it left! Haha! The other missionaries we were with were laughing so hard! So we got off the train right outside of the city and got on a bus! We took the bus almost to where my old area Lugano is and then took another bus to the temple! It was quite the trip. We had to be there at 820 and we got there at like 7 with a big group of missionaries! So we entered in and we were sitting in the waiting room. Well 820 came along and some zones had gone in. They are called Sarmiento (my zone) and we were the only ones there. Not even the zone leaders had shown up. So we said we would wait a little. So we went out side and called them (it was really cold!) and they said wait just a cachito more. (Just a little bit longer.) Haha. So we went around and took pictures. When we went back in, the assistants told us them some from our zone had gotten there and went in and started their session without telling us. And we asked when the next session was and he said an hour and a half!!! So we had to wait longer with another giant group of missionaries! But it was a great experience! This time they didn’t have head phone translators so it was all Spanish. But it’s okay. I don’t need them haha! It was a great experience and we got back after a long day at like 430. Haha! Super late!

Well this week was a pretty good one. It had a weird start! On Tuesday and Wednesday it rained a ton! But because it rained a ton we stayed in a lot with members and well their friends and family passed by! And so we invited some to baptism and they accepted! So by Thursday we had ALOT of investigators and a lot on date! We were so excited! And some of our old investigators were wanting to meet with us again and we had a bunch of citas! The members were helping us out and they were coming out with us and helping teach and it was all going great! Until Friday! We got texts from members that they couldn’t come out with us. But its okay we went looking for other members. Then texts from the investigators that they cant meet. So we didn’t bother looking for member’s haha! then we passed by investigators and one 13 year old kid got a job in a meat shop and works Sundays in the mornings and just about every other day! So that was in the trash. And other investigators that said they weren’t home but we could see them in the window when we passed by. So it was a hard weekend especially when we get to church and there is no investigators...

Also this was a week of Birthdays! I think there was 5 or 6 birthdays from the ward. A lot being kids haha! Well on Friday the day that didn’t go that well, we passed by a members house and they told us that an old investigator wanted to meet with us that night and so since the plans we had canceled we went back that night (birthday party of the daughter) and we were waiting there for the investigator. They gave us cake and we chilled with them. The kids had fun with the fire and taking pictures. And well basically the investigator didn’t come. Well the member invited us to get a ride home in the back of his truck! It was really cold! But we got home safely. (Argentine drivers are crazy! and they do whatever they want!) So it didn’t feel very safe! There is a reason i usually don’t get rides from members like that! Very easily some could have happened. So I don’t plan on doing that again! I know that the Lord is looking out for us always! But when we don’t follow the rules it’s hard for him to help us! We got to do our part so he can do his!

...anything else... I made pancakes this week! They turned out really good! Especially with Dulce de Leche! Im sure there is more but sadly I can’t tell everything! Love you all! Be safe!

 So On Friday it was the birthday party of a member and we went and they live far. So we were about to go and he asked, if you guys wont die of coldness i can give you a ride in the back of my truck. It was super cold!!! but we made it home safe and on time! 

I had just written to Connor about how a missionary died in an accident from Spencer's Mission in Honduras that week and to never, ever ride in the back of a truck and then I get these pictures!!!  I think a lesson was learned!

 Catholic Church in San Miguel
The last pday we went to a pizza libre (all you can eat pizza) and i missed my iphone so i made one! haha! We got pizza with french fries and one with ´´bacon´´ its not quite the same. and tomates(for my companion) and there was a cool catholic church in San miguel 

Its getting cold! and it rained aton! It wasnt fun!!! but the rain stopped and well.. Its still getting colder! haha! 

A member was sick and so they gave us money to go eat out. We got milanesas but they were HUGE! we didnt think they would be that big. it hurt. haha! but it was good and kinda cheapish... under 10 dollars. 

 the same day the ward mission leader invited us to his house to eat milanesa. and the wife made me make them! haha! they are really simple to make! 

His daughter is always upset when we are there haha! 

usually at night the families get together and drink tea or a tea like drink called mate cocido (cooked mate) haha. or hot chocolate. with bread and dulce de leche. we got invited the other night. 

cumpleaños of a members daughter. 

Companion drinking mate

they are doing a thing here where you can win things under the bottle caps! We have won a ton (we drink alot of pop) but.... there is noone that accepts it. so its where everyone wins but no one recieves the prize haha!  

 He made Pancakes

 I love to see the temple! I went inside today!

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