Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 2, 2014 I've Been Transferred - Jose Leon Suarez - Elder Ballesteros


Well there isn’t much time! But I got transferred. I am in Jose Leon Suarez. It’s still in the country but it’s a really good area im told! We will be working a lot! It’s not like my other area. There is a bunch of people from Peru and im really excited about that! They cook so good! Here they really love the missionaries and there is a ton of members! My companion is from Michoacán Mexico. And he is district leader. He has 20 months in the mission so he is ending his mission. He is really cool!

This past week was a little lazy. We had to drop some investigators and doing that is always sad. But we found new ones and we will see what happens! Best part about the week was last night we went to the house of Abigail the recent convert and we spent a lot of time with them and had a lesson really spiritual! The dad who is less active and hasn’t shown a lot of interest in going back to church started talking about goals to start doing family prayer and FHE and doing more things to unite the family! It was really cool to see that! Then we started singing Karaoke! Haha! We had a lot of fun! Im excited to be in my new area, I don’t know a whole lot but what I have heard is that it is dangerous! so I don’t have my watch on me or my ring and well I basically just have to be really careful! But i know the lord will protect us! Plus my companion already has 3 transfers here so he knows it fairly well! We will see! Well got to go! Glad to hear everything is good! And tell congrats to everyone that graduated! Love you all and thank you for all the support!

 usually after every meal they eat fruits, apples oranges banana, or like a yogurt type thing or other things. I personally like my apples with dulce de Leche.

 We bought Lazers. and were playing with them hah! we are children

New Companion Elder Ballesteros from Michoacán Mexico
Here is a picture with other elders. I'm so mad the guy took the picture way too soon so i have to steal one from someone else. haha! and this is a family. She isn't a member but her mom is and inactive. but she has 8 years and the President of the branch wants to wait to baptize her so the missionaries get a baptism. The problem is this girl goes to a catholic church also so we are fighting for her! haha! but still baptism for the branch

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