Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 23, 2014 Lucas is Baptized & Go Argentina

Well we baptized again this week! A kid named Lucas! He is super cool! And making great progress! This was really a miracle baptism! But he got baptized and confirmed! He is a great kid! He is 20 and from Paraguay! He has great desires to follow Christ and change his life! So we will have to wait and see and help him get that change! But I’m doing great! We have been working really hard looking for new investigators! Working a lot with the members and strengthening the relationship we have with them! A little bit of the way that we are working here is. We try to do most of the work through the members because they know the people and can help us to the people who are ready and all that stuff but what we do is like on the way to a lesson or the neighbors of a member or investigator or something we work on short lessons. Like a three minute spiel about the Gospel and what we teach to see if they are willing to listen to us. Come to church and be baptized by someone who hold the authority of God. And since the Zone leaders are in our ward we work a lot with them and I had the opportunity to go out with them a couple times and they have taught me a lot! It’s crazy because they showed me that it only takes those 5 minutes to tell if it is worth our time to continue with these people. And its not that we don’t love these people that we aren’t willing to give them all our time and all. But we are looking for the people that are prepared! We know that the Lord is preparing his people and we need to find them! And we need to determine if people are going to progress or not! The Zone leaders don’t waste time! Haha! It was really impressive to see the way they work! And that’s the way we all need to be! God is preparing them through the members and the Missionaries and other ways! We just need to be in tune with the spirit and help them that are willing to be helped! But yeah. Things are going great! I love helping people and seeing the change in their lives! This week we had Zone conference with President. He showed us videos of Messi and Michael Jordan and a video of him bungee jumping. Haha! He talked a lot about Faith and that we need to take that jump and Trust in the lord that he will protect us and help us always!

But I am doing great! I noticed this week that my Spanish isn’t as good as it could be. So I’m going to be working on my Spanish to see if I can improve it! Well this week Argentina won again so we are moving on to the next round! I think USA will move on too and Mexico. But Mexico has to win this next game. If not they are out! They ruined it with the tie against Brazil. But at least they didn’t lose. In our district there is a girl from Brazil and my comp is DL and so they are always fighting and placing bets haha! But it’s all out of fun... I think... haha! Oh and the girl from Brazil sends her love to the family

Hope everything is good and that you are all well! I didn’t get an Email from mom this week so I guess I’ve been out so long that she is starting to forget me..... but it’s okay. I still love her! And I’ll be home in about a year to bother her! <3

Love you mom! And everyone!

 I pulled out my new jersey while we were filling up to Font! because in the morning at 10 we had a baptism and then the Argentina game was at 1 so we were getting pumped!! 

 Bautismo! Lucas got baptized! Whoo! 

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