Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 9, 2014 Baptisms

Hey! How fun that you got to do all that stuff! Im super jealous!

Well here things have been good. Yesterday we had 4 baptisms! And so we were basically just getting ready for that! One of them was a miracle! So the family is 2 sisters (like blood sisters haha) that were both inactive. We are working with them and helping them get active. They both had 2 children that were old enough to be baptized. So that’s 4 kids. Well one of the kids had a different dad than the other and the dad didn’t want him to be baptized. (So we were planning 3 baptisms.) When we went to go do the interviews the mom said, ya esta! Which is like oh well just baptized the 4 of them and she will deal with the father. So we interviewed them and they all passed and we had 4 baptisms in our area and we share the ward with the zone leaders and they had 2 baptisms too. I got the Privilege of baptizing 2 of them the girl Dalila and Alan (I BAPTIZED SOMEONE NAMED ALAN! haha) i thought that was cool. And Alan was the miracle.

Well like I said we share the ward with the Zone leaders so we are always with them but its okay because they are pretty cool. There is a lot of parts of our area that are pretty dangerous but we are always with members and so we don’t have to worry. I can’t take anything out of the pension. And anything I take out I have to be okay with losing it. So I don’t use a watch or my ring, or my own scriptures. I basically go out with the clothes on my back, bus card, name tag, a Book of Mormon to give out and my testimony. Haha! But the members in our ward are very great! They are always there to help us out. We have a couple of youth and single adults that don’t really do anything and so they are always coming out with us to help us teach. Haha!

So my companion is Elder Ballesteros. He is from Michoacán Mexico. He is tall and skinny. But he is really cool. He is very chillax. Haha! He is fun. He doesn’t really know English but he knows like all the popular phrases like, Lets Go, I’m hungry. Make out. Hi Bishop How are you. Haha! And other stuff like that, He goes home in October so he is a little Trunky but we are still working. He is District leader. He is very flirty and he like gets his way with everyone. Haha! I don’t know how to explain it. He teaches very well and I’m learning a lot from him. It’s a very different way to work here because you can’t really do street contacting. Because if we try they will basically rob us. So we work a lot through the members. We meet a lot of people who aren’t married and that is a big problem here because it takes about a month and a bunch of money to get married! And even longer to get divorced. So we will see what happens with a couple we just met that are so nice! They have to get divorced from other people and get married and we haven’t started anything just met them!

Love you all be safe! Talk to you next week!

 Pictures from the Baptism

 She is a recent convert that is super awesome! My companion said that his girlfriend would kill him if she saw these pictures haha! 

 Pictures of the Pension

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