Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 15, 2014 New Companion Elder Gines, Argentina Independence Day and Argentina World Cup

Hey glad to hear that everything is well and that you got back well from your trip!

Well we had a very exciting week this week! With the Mundial and everything. To start, on Tuesday we had a pretty normal day. Then on Wednesday there was an activity in the church. Because Wednesday was the Independence Day in Argentina and there was a soccer game. So it was a pretty exciting event! We got there nice and early because they went to go start preparing the food and we had investigators coming. So we got there and cleaned up the court and started playing around a little bit! We helped them cook... (Well we took pictures with the big pot!) haha! That’s when they took the picture of me and my comp in our Argentina jerseys! Haha! I made a mistake and played with it and the ball hit my chest and got my shirt dirty. Well the rule is that we aren’t allowed to play. I justified by saying that we weren’t playing a game, we were just messing around. And then when we started to play an actual game is when I got my shirt dirty. Right then I took it off and sat out. God humbles us to help us learn obedience! Well. Our investigator showed up with his Cousins. That was cool but the parents didn’t go. They said they didn’t have time and all that stuff. Blah! So they got out the food which is Locro. They take a giant pot. And throw all kinds of food in there. The ending taste has a taste of Corn. But it has meat and chorizo. And all kinds of veggies. It was good. But they said it wasn’t that good. I didn’t eat that much. After we went and ate a little asado with Dante and it was so good! We kind of stole some because they weren’t expecting us. But I think that now they always expect us haha! After we got permission to watch the game and so we went and watched it with the father of a member, He is the old guy in the photo. He is super cool! And loves the missionaries. But he likes to party and doesn’t want to give it up :(. It was a great game! Lasted forever! But it was super awesome! Afterwards we ran outside and right in front of their house is one of the most dangerous parts, everyone went out and was screaming and singing and drunk and throwing fireworks! It was crazy! Super cool! I took a video but I have to wait to show you after! =P super fun! The brother drove us home and was honking all the way along and so was everyone else! The rest of the week we were just preparing people to go to church and preparing for the finals! And on Saturday we got a text that said that we had already experienced the culture of Argentina and that on Sunday we couldn’t see the finals. We had to be in the pension from 4 to the end of the day! It was boring but its okay. We were calling a family like every 10 mins to ask what was going on! Haha! =P super sad we lost but oh well. So my comp said good bye to everyone and he left! Now I,m here with Elder Gines and we are going to kill it!!! Whooo! =P haha! Love you all and be safe!

pictures with the Zone!

 On Wednesday was the Independence day of Argentina! they have a food called Locro which is like a soup that tastes like corn, and then they throw everything into it! meat, beef pork, chicken, vegetables. Everything! but this one wasn't made very good haha! 

 The hermana that made it is a little crazy! haha! 

 We also played a little soccer and volleyball! It was a huge party! 

 We ate locro with investigators. 
Dylan is on the left. He is going to be baptized on saturday and the other kids are his cousins. 

 the locro wasnt that good so we went and had asado with Dante. haha! and then that same day watch Argentina beat Belgium!!!! Whooo! with him. he isnt a member but is really awesome! 

 This is Elder Gines

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