Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 7, 2014 GO ARGENTINA World Cup

How awesome! that President Peterson is back! Send him my love and that I am happy he got home safely! What are his plans now? General Authority?!?! =P haha! Well on Tuesday we got to see the Game with the whole mission! It was super fun! We had a devotional before and then we watched the game and made hamburgers for us! It was awesome! And we won! Then the next game they made us stay in our pensions till 3. My comp got sick because it was raining and he thinks he ate something bad so it was good we stayed in. and with his Visa we went and tried to do it again. We got a little farther but he was still missing a letter that the church has to send but they haven’t sent it yet. And so he is on the list to leave the country. But they won’t go into another country they will just leave, get the stamp and come back. But we don’t know when or if I will go or anything and if the letter comes before he wont have to go. But that’s fine. We have transfer in a week and he will leave, haha! He has 6 months here. That almost never happens. So it’s like a definitely he will leave. So with our investigators we have the Suarez family and they aren’t progressing because they need to go to church and they didn’t go yesterday so I think we will have to drop them for a while. We will see what happens. But ya. We basically don’t have anything because no one went to church. So we have a week of looking for new investigators so we will see what happens! =P I am doing good! President told us that we can watch the game this Wed so that is exciting! Im not sure if the Members are going to let us or believe that president said that. But we will find something to do! Haha! Hopefully we can go with someone who cooks well! =P but yeah. I’m happy that I have a year but that just means I got a year left to find teach and baptize! Im so excited to meet new people and to improve as a missionary! Because I got a lot to improve! But things are going good! Love you all and I will talk to you on Tuesday!

Go Argentina! eating Asado with the Pres of the Young men! He is awesome! Dante

We watched the Argentina game with the Mission! with 3 hamburgers each!  

  Elder Engebretsen.

 Elder Franco.

and my comp eating a really gross hotdog thing.  
Elder Olsen, Elder Lines, and Elder Ballesteros 

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