Sunday, July 20, 2014

June 30, 2014 Learning from Exchanges

Hey! Well this was a pretty good week!

I didn’t do much to take pictures so sorry about that! Well I’m going to start with the sad part. We were going to have a baptism yesterday! The kid is so prepared! He is a friend of a recent convert that has been introducing us to his friends. And his family is so great and so ready to listen to the Gospel! So we have been preparing him for the baptism yesterday and well on Sunday morning he got up at 3 and played video games and so at 9 he was asleep and didn’t want to go to church. And since he didn’t get to church on time we have to postpone his baptism! Which is fine because we can prepare him a little bit more and work with his family and everything! Their name is Suarez! Haha! But so ya we are working there. Last night they had a Baptism the Zone leaders and so it was a little sad to go and see when we were going to have one too. And if we would have had our baptism we would have broken the zone record. 15, but since our baptism missed we met the record 15. But it’s okay! Just means that God was expecting something extra from us that we didn’t give! Now we got to improve and show our faith in the next month!

This week we did a lot of Exchanges! On Tuesday I went with the zone leaders! They plan everything out perfectly so when they go out it’s literally teaching the whole time and getting to know `people. It was fun! Then on Wednesday I went back to my area. Well an elder in our district doesn’t want to do exchanges and he is having some hard times but we had to get exchanges. So Thursday we did exchanges with them. So what happened is a little weird-. So I stayed in my area. My comp went to be with that elder. The comp of that elder went with a zone leader. They sent another district leader to go with me, and then the extra zone leader did an exchanges with other elders. So there was 5 companionships involved and we were all in different places! Haha! But I learned a lot that day. A lot about what I can already do and that I don’t need to be dependent on anyone else! (except for one part of the day when I got really lost and we had a member that was sick and I made her walk all over my area and we didn’t end up teaching with her, so I owe her ice cream! haha! )

Then on Sat they did an activity for the youth at the church. It was a lot of fun! They plan scripture games and soccer and volleyball and other races and there was a Football there so we taught the kids how to play football. They kept getting it mixed up with Rugby! I got mad haha! But oh well! Well things are going good and I am happy! Love you all! Bye!

This is all I got this week. I did exchanges with a kid from Mountain View

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