Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sept 29, 2014 Goodbye Elder Ballesteros

I’m so bad about writing. Haha! I always run out of time! Haha. But I’m doing well! We had some what of a fun week! My comp got a little sick and so he cooled down a bit. And we started working well together and having some success!
We found a family that lives right next to the church. The mom and daughter are members but the rest aren’t. We have been working with them really hard. Matias is a kid that is 18. He is a great kid and we get along together!  He has a little smoking problem but we are helping him with that! He is really excited to go to church and everything and learn more and change his life! He is a really great kid, He tells us that since he met us he doesn’t want to smoke marijuana anymore and that he doesn’t want to do the things his friends do, He feels comfortable in the Church because everyone there greets him and makes him feel welcome! One problem is his brother. The brother keeps trying to prove that our church is wrong and stuff like that. Like he asks stuff like, if you went to another church and you felt something strong something different that you’re church, what would you do? Or. You guys say this is all true that you feel good and all that stuff but any other pastor in another church can say the same about his church. And says that the bible is the most important book and we shouldn’t read anything other than the bible. And invited me to read the bible (which I already do haha) and so the next day I brought my bible and I explained to him everything that I had been reading and all that. But still doesn’t want to touch the BoM. He distracts Matias and the lessons. But we have stopped focusing on him and try to focus more on Matias because he is willing to Progress! We are here to baptize and work with the people that the Lord has prepared!

Friday was a strange day. We had to Work on the newsletter that we do for the ward each week! And then our lunch called and canceled. Neither of us had money and we were both very hungry. So I pulled out my debit card and we went and bought stuff to do hamburgers and make brownies for a Hermana in the ward. We went home and while we were eating the brownies got burnt and we didn’t know what to do! And then my comp drops the oil from the Fries all over the floor. So we clean that up and get going. We need to print out some photos for the Hermana and buy something else to have for a cake for the birthday party. Luckily the mom of the Hermana was willing to put something together. So we buy the things and give them to the mom and she puts the cake together. We go and see Matias and we teach them the plan of Salvation. And then on the way to the party we run into a big group of drunk men (it was like 7 at night) and they start yelling at us. It’s the Germans! It’s the Germans! (Everyone here thinks we are Germans I don’t know why. and also they don’t like Germans here haha) so they are screaming and start throwing rocks at us! But we get there safely! We eat pizza and talk and have some fun with the family. All of them recent converts. And then we teach them a retention lesson and pull out the cake. We ended up having to run home because we almost got home late! It was hard because I hate running home. But we got there and that’s what counts!

On Sunday we had almost all of Matias’s family at church! They stayed 2 hours (which is more than I thought they would stay). And some less actives that we are working with too came! It was so nice that we had so many people at church! Then at night we went to the going away for all of the elders going home. Including Elder Ballesteros! And I saw a lot of old friends there! It was really a great night!

Love you all and im really excited about the General conference! Bye! Oh! On Friday we are going to the temple! And on the next Tuesday we have transfers

On friday our lunch got cancelled so we went and bought hamburgers and we made fries also ! Well my fries werent coming out really great and i didnt know why, But also we were making brownies for a member because it was her birthday. I was making the fries and my comp put the brownies in the oven. after like 5 minutes my comp tells me. Your fries are burning take them out. They were a little dark but they werent burning. but anywys i took them out. Then my comp remembered that the brownies were in there and he burned the  brownies! haha!

 burnt brownie! haha!

Went to the Despedida. Which is the going away devotional for the missionaries that are going home. I Saw alot of old friends there! 

 Elder Ballesteros is going home!

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