Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 11, 2015 No Letter, Just Pictures, Mother's Day Call Elder Fleming New Comp

On Sunday, May 10th we got to talk with Connor for about an hour and a half.  He looks great and is doing very well.  He loves living in the Capital.  He has a new companion, Elder Fleming from Vegas.  He hasn't been out for very long and Connor loves working with him.  He is working with a couple of families and hopes to have a baptism before he comes home.  He is getting a little "trunky" or "baggy" but is trying to stay focused.  He has to move apartments on June 1st so they found a place just below his apartment, so they just have to move floors.  The weather is starting to get a little colder.  He wears his sweater when he leaves the apartment but in the afternoon, he has to take it off.  It will be very cold by the time he comes home.  He was able to talk to Spencer and Dani for a little while before he called us because our dinner was ready and we didn't want to eat steak cold.  He loves the hustle and bustle of the city, but it is a little difficult to get into apartments to give lessons.  They just have apartment buildings and so they go and ring the bell and talk on the intercom hoping to be let in.  So they really depend on members for investigators.  They set up a booth in the city square and sang hymns and gave out literature.  They really enjoyed doing that.  He had fun talking with Taymar, and it will be fun for them to met.  It was great to talk to him, but it wasn't too hard to say good bye this time because he would be home soon.  

Subways, sightseeing!
 Zone meeting! Moving a family! comp got cut! (not bad). new comp. New beanie!! =D

More sightseeing! Hot chocolate and churros!  

Church building. Church Stuff! we watched the priesthood session of conference. ironing. Family home evening 

We went to the mission house to get a temple recomend interview! it was my 2nd time going,. then got chinese food!  

 Talking to Mom, Garrett and Taymar on Mother's Day

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