Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 18, 2015 Cordoba Temple Dedication

Hey! What’s up chicos!
Well this was a great week! We are working hard! Right now we are really tired because on Sat we helped a family move. They moved like 4 streets away. And so they didn’t have a truck or a car or anything and so we just carried everything walking! And then went up 4 flights of stairs! Haha! Guess I need to do more exercises! Haha! We were so tired! And that day we had eaten milanesa and we were like satisfied and it was good and everything... but we got destroyed moving that afterwards we went and bought a pizza and ham and cheese empanadas! It was so good! I put that hot sauce you sent me on it! Haha! And that was the night of the cultural celebration of the Cordoba temple. And we got there late so we couldn’t see it... = ( But its okay. On Sunday morning we went to the dedication and it was so cool! there was a spirit there that was unforgettable! Argentina just feels so different now! It is the 2nd temple in Argentina! And it is just amazing! I know we will feel a great difference tomorrow when the temple opens and starts the ordinances! Im so excited! Wish we could have gone to see it, but it’s like a 12 hour drive! But what is cool is that since we are in the middle of capital here in Villa Crespo, we get to meet a lot of people that came down for the dedication. They stopped first in Bs As. and ya! So we met a lot of cool people here! The dedication was so cool! Im so grateful that I was here to witness it! I also learned so much from Elder Christofferson (that speaks perfect Spanish) and Elder Uchtdorf (that spoke a little Spanish) and then the president of the area and the temple!

So we are working with a family. Their child isn’t baptized and he is 9. They have been inactive for a while. And we have been building our relationship with them but I just realized last night that there is no time to waste, the kid needs the blessings and so does his family and so I was bold and I told the mom exactly how it is. And she is going to talk to her husband and then we are going to start helping him to get baptized. If they let us! But in the same place that they live, we found a family that the mom was baptized when she was a little girl in Salta Argentina. And so we are going to try and find her records and then start teaching her family! =D and so we are seeing some people come out of the woodworks and we are trying everything we can to find these people!

So what we learned from the temple dedication was amazing and it was exactly what a recent convert needed! But the exact reason why she needed it was the reason she didn’t go. Her son passed away 6 months ago and Wednesday is his birthday and so she is really sad and missing him! And so she didn’t feel like going to church or anything! And so we passed by her house and shared with her what we had learned from the dedication and I feel like it was exactly what she needed! Obviously it would have been better coming from the mouth of an apostle. But I tried my best! =D she was still sad but when we walked away she was smiling! (Oh! it was that lady that you were fighting with on face book. Claudia) (and I don’t mean fighting fighting, just the lady that said that I’m not going home and all that stuff hahaha! !) 

So about school, I’m not exactly sure but I think I will just get on and sign up for my self. But if I can’t I’ll let you know what to do. I think for the first semester I’ll just finish up my generals. And then I want to take a Spanish class. And ya! We’ll see what happens!

Love you all and have a great week!


Temple dedication! =D with Juma from Peru. My comp. Me. and Maria a recient convert! =D 
 Pictures on the roof in the morning! 
I bought new pants. They call them hippie pants! haha! i like them

 FHE with the MEZA family! the little girl is the neice and she isnt member! =D it was fun! 
My comp has an obsession with penguins. 
 Asado! =D

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