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April 27, 2015 Singing in the Plaza & Burger Joint

Hi Mom!
So ya I keep thinking about taking those pictures of everything. It just seems weird. But I know I need to do it!
Well this week was very interesting! About that kid from Ecuador. We tried meeting up with him this week and we couldn’t and he didn’t go to church. And so we don’t know what is happening with him! And as far as anyone else, no one is progressing but we do have some good possibilities!

We have found a new apartment. It is one that is right below where we are now. It was too hard to find something else and so when the Elders of the office heard about that one, they pounced. And so the first week of June we will be moving. Just down stairs so it will be easy! Let’s hope I’m still here, but we will see, you never know with transfers. Next week is transfers. With the Hospital it was interesting! We got a call from a member that doesn’t even live in our mission, they had nonmember friends who their son was in the Argentine Navy and he had a really bad illness. Well they called and asked us to give him a blessing because the military hospital is in our area, and so we went and met the member there, the kid was in a coma and just lying on the bed. They gave us the hospital aprons and we could pass by just to give the blessing. And so we were there with the mom and the kid, gave the blessing. Then we were asked by some other people that were around to give blessings to their loved ones. It seemed like it was a coma ward because all the patients were just out of it. It was a very interesting sight. Very humbling! Afterwards I share the scripture Alma 7 with them where it talks about Jesus Christ suffering all the pains and afflictions of the world. And we invited them to church, but they all live far away! It was an interesting experience and a service that, if there are results of our work, we won’t be able to see them! We just hope that those people can recognize what we did and that they can get closer to the church!

Alright! Well my comp is making us go. So I’ll be quick! We had a great week! We have really been working hard! We got to do divisiones with Belgrano! They are having some trouble finding and so we did the divisiones just to kind of mix it up a bit! It was a lot of fun because I got to go with a Friend of mine from a different ward! Then on Friday we had a horrible boring day! And on Saturday we had a really busy one! We went to a plaza and sang and passed out cards and pamphlets. And then we met a girl from Germany that speaks very little Spanish. She speaks better English and so we taught her in English! It was a very interesting experience and then she went to church and I got to translate for her! Very interesting but it was a lot of fun! We are going to try and get a German Book of Mormon and be able to teach her good! Love you all and hope all is well! Kisses! Haha!

Hermana Alarcon! A friend from my first ward Lugano now lives in Belgrano that is part of my distrrict and so we went and did divisiones and she was there! it was alot of fun!! 

Saturday we put up a stand with the other elders and we sang as people walked by! Al ot of fun!!! 

We found a really cool burger Joint and so on sat we didn't have lunch so we went! it is voted one of the 29 best international burger places! it was pretty good but not the best!! but best burger and fries i have had in Argentina. There was a TON of people and it was super busy

Zone activity last week! 

Cool Car! 
Our apartment. They have to paint and so we moved stuff out of the way. Now they arent going to paint. They will wait till we move out. First week of June

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