Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 12, 2013 Final MTC Pictures

How fun! I love the pictures! Elder Bigmane! what a dork. haha! well... I got just about an hour left till i leave! last night we got to listen to Elder Richard G Scott at Devotional! It was so awesome! When he walked in you could just feel that there was an Apostle of the Lord in the room! it was so awesome! he talked about prayer. it was so great.
I just looked up my reassignment mission presdient. Robert Edward and Robin Sue Christensen Chambers. feel free to look them up. He was a teahcer at BYUI! so ishould get along with him fairly well. He was one that was called that started july1. cant wait to get started and get to work! 

 The MTC District

Elder Eberhard wasn't feeling well, so he had to go to the hospital.  Connor volunteered to be his "companion" while he was there.  They ran some tests thinking it was his appendix, but it ended up not and he was sent back to the MTC .

Elder Enright. one of the funniest and coolest guys i know.
Elder cannon and elder russon put on the wrong coats

 my companion is the one on the floor.
so one of the Elders got glow in the dark bouncy balls. and the lights were off and so i decided to take a picture and flash them and the guy with the captain america shirt bounced the ball and that red circle in the  middle of his shirt is the ball. crazy right! really funny!

So Elder Enright is really good at drawing but whenever he draws anything the teachers ask him how they relate to our purpose as missionaries. so there is the orginal (Elder Enright es un ladron de felicidad(the theif of happiness)(I wrote that causing the inspiration for the drawing!)) the second one is the teacher changing it. and then the final version..

 Haircut Day


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