Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 7-9, 2013 MTC Reassignment

August 7, 2013:

Sounds like you had a fun anniversary! I’m glad that you had a good experience! Well first off. We do not get our reassignments until this Thursday or Friday! And so that means that I will not know when I am going or anything till I get my travel plans. So I don’t know when I can call or anything. All I can say is that it will be on Monday or Tuesday! It’s usually in the morning but I really have no clue! I wish I could let you know but my letter would not get to you in time so you should just expect it when you least expect it. HAHA! But yeah. I’ll try to keep you posted and maybe I’ll ask if I can email you or have them email you or whatever, just a waiting game.

So one of the guys in my Zone (the one that was good at volleyball) had knee problems from playing volleyball. Like meniscus or something like that. But he had to get surgery on his knee on Monday, and he was supposed to go to Panama on that day so he is stuck in the MTC for another 2 weeks plus. Crazy! But he basically gets to lay in a bed all day and when he is awake he gets to study just right there.

That stinks about my package! I thought that you had said you had sent it and I would get it tomorrow! Hmmm... I wonder if I will even get it before I leave. That would be really nice. Oh well. Thank you so much for putting it together! Hopefully it comes fast! Now with the money I am supposed to have 200 with me at the airport. Right now I have about 100. So the only question is do you think that the package can get here in time. Because if it can than that isn’t a problem. But if it will come after I leave on Monday or Tuesday than I should get it out of the ATM. your call. if you think that the package can get here by Saturday than I will use the money I have and you send money in the package, but if you do not think it will make it by Saturday than don’t bother sending money and I will pull out of the ATM. send me an email by 6pm (I’ll check later tonight) if not send me a dear elder telling me what to do. If I do not hear from you by Saturday I will pull $200 out of my account. It is totally your call. I hope that made sense.  But I can call at the airport and I got a calling card so I will be calling no matter what, I’ve been sick the past couple days! Running nose, massive headaches! It sucks! Trying to speak Spanish and listen to Spanish while you are sick is not fun! The other day they did this activity where we were all blind folded and we had to teach a lesson just by hearing our companion and the spirit. It did not go well for my sinuses and stuff. By the end I was swaying, about to pass out! Super weird! But the point of it was to not get distracted during a lesson and I realized that I needed to work on that like a ton! And then that night (which was two nights ago) I was really sick and so excited to finally get to bed! And these Elders were up till 1230 in the morning out in the hall being really loud and annoying! At like 11 I walked out and yell at them but it didn’t really do anything. If it wasn’t for the fact that I felt like crap I would have gotten up and kicked some serious butt! It always seems to be the English speaking missionaries. Since they are only here for 12 days they don’t really take it serious and are really annoying all the time. Since today is Wednesday and we get new missionaries. We saw a new missionary walking and he said he was from Gilbert so I started talking to him. He is going to like Missouri or something like that, English speaking. And he is right down the hall from us. So I said "be quiet at night or I PROMISE I will kick your butt." haha!
But yeah. Things have been good. Last night was our last Devo. It was pretty dry. It was given by a brother that graduated from BYU with language. Than he was a seminary teacher, trained seminary teachers. And created curriculum and was like president of the scripture thing or whatever. And his whole talk was about effective ways to read and to mark the scriptures and stuff like that! Haha! Complete opposite of my personality. So it was only okay. But it was after the Devo that was awesome. We have an after Devo discussion with our district and one of the members of the branch presidency. And we got my favorite member. Haha! Brother Don McGee! He is so funny but such an awesome speaker. We all went through and bore a testimony and than it was his turn to talk and he just like kept talking and it was so powerful. We went 15 minutes over and no one was complaining! Haha. Um. Let’s see. What else. I started to teach my self how to shine shoes. I don’t think I did too badly. Haha! Both of my investigators are getting baptized on Saturday! So that is pretty exciting, Britany Brienholt wrote me. (Spencer’s friend. she is a twin. and her twin is married. she is on a mission in Atlanta) so that was pretty exciting. That was pretty cool about Spencer and I enjoyed the pictures! Things with my companion are okay. Nothing really to comment on. We’re just working hard and enjoying the time being on a mission. Oh! Speaking of packages, you may or may not be getting a package in the next couple days. Idk. It’s very possible, just make sure that if there happens to be a package that Mitchell and garret don’t open it. It isn’t for them. Well I am going to email Taylor..... Elder Kerr. I’ll probably hop on later so feel free to email back. Love ya! <3

Is my letters and blog and stuff going on my FB? Has people been seeing it? Like more than just people from the ward? And I need the addresses or at least emails for Ryan and Ashley from Frys! Or at least tell them to write me. Um.... and other people... I’m not sure haha

Haha! Don’t you love it! And okay. Well, these Elders in the district asked the travel people and they said they wont get our travel plans and everything till tomorrow night and then they have a lot of work. 150 missionaries being reassigned just this week. And so we won’t get them till Friday.

August 9, 2013:

I AM GOING TO SALT LAKE CITY SOUTH for my reassignment!!!!! No joke. I promise

I also got the package! Thank you! I tried texting you and dad but no response so I’m guessing its not working

There is at least 8 golf courses in my new mission

So. I leave on Wednesday. I leave here at 12pm. my train leaves at 1250. And I arrive in Salt Lake at 130. I hope I am able to call. So that’s when it would be.

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