Friday, August 2, 2013

July 31, 2013 MTC

Well. Things are going well. How fun that you are going back to work. I hope that this year is a good one! I know it will be for me! Thanks for getting all the information about the Mission! That was really great! Not excited to miss carpet, but I know it will all be worth it. Um. So I think it is safe to say that you don’t need to worry about a bad at all. If I need one when I get down there and they don’t give me one than I’m sure I’ll be able to find one. Thanks a lot though. So today I got a new CTR ring in the book store but instead of CTR it says HLJ. Hace la justo. Basically it means do the just! Which I like a lot more than choose the right. Pretty cool! I love learning all the differences between Spanish and English. Like the phase "feast on the words of Christ" translates to "delight in the words of Christ". Slight differences but still pretty cool!

I got emails from both Hunter and from Taylor. They are both doing well. They both got to their areas and are loving it so far. Today or yesterday Hunter got to go to the beach in Savannah and go play sand volleyball! So jealous! Hunter also gave me a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon that was really cool! They both are having their struggles but they are both loving the work and loving the people. For Hunter for church they just have like a Spanish section in the back and they have to translate for the Spanish speakers. That'll get him speaking Spanish real good! And then with Taylor, he had something in his scriptures that would fit in the lesson but it was in English and so he prayed and prepared himself and actually translated it for the investigator! CRAZYY!!! They can also have 4 baptisms if everything goes right! It’s so cool! I cannot wait to get out into the field.

Let’s see. On Sunday we watched a talk from Elder Holland called "Missions are forever". SO good!! Right now I can’t really think of what exactly to say about it. I probably will right after this haha. But yeah. I’m finding it easier and easier to stay awake and such. On Sunday during Priesthood we got a lesson from Brother McGee in the branch Presidency. He is my favorite! He is so funny and fun to talk to but he gave such a good lesson. He started off testifying. Talked a little, testified again, and through out the whole talk was constantly testifying! And he was getting the Elders involved and it was just a good lesson! After wards I went up to him and I was going to say "that was a good lesson, it actually kept me awake" but instead he beat me to the punch and said “WOW elder Olsen you actually stayed awake for my lesson. I was ready to call on you whenever you fell asleep" haha! He is a lot of fun!

Let’s see what else. So yesterday we had TRC. And in there we were teaching about the Book of Mormon. I tried to tell stories about my passed and reading and I realized that my Spanish really needs some work especially while telling stories. I challenged the District to tell 5 stories in Spanish by the end of the week because we just learned how to talk like that and such haha! Any who. In this lesson I was trying to say truthfulness. And to say truth in Spanish is "verdadero" so I used my Spanglish and said "verdadero-ness" Haha!!!

SO this morning we had scheduled to get our hair cuts at 1130. Right after we did our laundry. While putting our laundry away at like 1115 I realize that I am pretty tired and would kind of like a nap and I asked my companion what he wanted to do and he said he didn’t care so I took and nap and I think he wrote letters! We both totally forgot about our hair appointment until we went to lunch and I saw someone who had gotten theirs done. And you have to have it done on Pday and have to schedule in advance. So we have to wait till next week, Haha!

So reassignments and travel plans come out 10 days before you leave the MTC so I will find out where I am going on Friday, like in 2 days! I can’t wait to see. So stay tuned. Hopefully I will find out that my visa is here and I’m going straight but that probably won’t happen!

But yeah things are good! I am learning so much! And I am learning so much from reading in the book of Mormon! There is no way that it isn’t true! Things with my companion aren’t necessarily better it is just different. He was made DL and he wasn’t prepared and he still doesn’t like being it.. Today one of his nephews (I told you he has 41 nieces and nephews right? his oldest brother is dads age) came into the MTC today and we tried hard to stand out there and wait for him and when we saw him my companion hugged him and his nephew had to go into the building and as we walked around to the other side to meet up with him, my companion just started crying and his face got all red and he said he couldn’t explain why it was happening. I was there, comforting him. Telling jokes so he laughs and helped him feel better. It was a good moment. Haha!

Oh! So I am out of the drink mixes! So if a package is coming I need more of that! If possible, maybe like mio or something different. Its not that I didn’t enjoy the Great Value stuff... its just if it was me I would have got different. But whatever. It is your call. =D also, if not a big deal. A hackie sack. The sand bag one that you can get at Zumies. Like we got for Spencer haha! uhhhhhh.... I think that is it. I’m not sure. I can get on again later so maybe I’ll think of more and yeah. Well. LOVE ya! Have a good weekend! PAZ! (Paz means peace in Spanish)

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