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Aug 26, 2013 SLS You're an Uncle!

Connor Olsen
Aug 26 

To me
Hey! That’s awesome! I so happy for Lauren! She is beautiful! Well... I’ve just been working hard! My companions keep me on my toes! I’ve definitely learned so much! We have this family we are teaching the Rascons! He speaks Spanish and English and she only speaks Spanish. They were invited to church by the Branch Pres wife. And they have become good friends and they are so excited to go to church and are so ready to be baptized! Right now they are on date for the 15. We actually have like 9 people on date for the 15 which is awesome! Only problem is that everyone works all the time so we haven’t been able to teach much to anyone. There is this guy named Poli! He has been investigating for a while but he just hasn’t had time to take the lessons. And so we laid out a plan and said we will teach you this day and this and such so there shouldn’t be anymore problems! But yeah. My companions are great. The only problem is they aren’t trainers. They are Zone leaders and just excited about Baptizing! Haha! So they just kind of do their things and I follow along and observe and learn kind of on my own! But I’ve been talking more and more. And they laugh when I mess up but its fun. They are great guys.

Okay! So guess what. On Wednesday or Tuesday we had Zone conference. We got together with 2 or 3 other zones and the Mission President talked with us and we were there for like 7 hours! He also gave us new rules! ......wait for it.... Caffeine has officially been banned!!!!!! :( It was super sad! I mean. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to drink soda but now I have to get sprite or something and hope that rule doesn’t apply in Argentina! I also had to throw away the Mios. Haha! Things have been good. We have been going on a lot of Exchanges and stuff since they are zone leaders so I got to work with a bunch of the different elders in the Zone. I don’t have much time left so I have to keep it short. Uhhhh... what else. So this week we were scheduled to eat in the homes of Spanish members! But everyday the dad hadn’t been home at 5 so we had to pick up food and eat it at home. Most days we’d be so busy that we would just grab a bite and then head out. But on Sunday we had to go to a family’s house and I had no escape! We walk in and there is a plate with Beans, Rice and a burrito with guacamole and sour cream (and other stuff) my companions were so happy because they know I’m picky and they want me to eat the rice and beans. 3 different times I almost threw up but luckily no one saw! I could only make it about 75% of the way and there was still a lot on the plate. And also everyone had been done for a while! I told them I was focusing more on listening to the Spanish more than trying to eat, and that I wasn’t that hungry! But I felt really bad! Haha! They said not to worry because in Argentina I most likely won’t be eating rice or beans! SCORE! Haha! But yeah! So that was an interesting night. Nothing really exciting goes on. We get stood up for church. Oh yeah. It was funny. A family ditched church and we went by their house and he was outside drinking and smoking with his kid right next to him. As we walked up he had his kid take his beer and cigarette in! Haha. One more funny story. So we went to the Rascons house to watch a movie about the restoration on Saturday night. It was 8 when we got there. They said give us 20 minutes we will put groceries away and make you tacos. so we went knocking on doors, and came back with the Branch Pres. we were sitting chilling and stuff and it got to be like 845 and they are still making tacos. Finally the tacos come out and like 920. I got a little nervous cuz I didn’t want to be out late but the Branch Pres is like you are with me you are fine. Haha! So Hermano Rascon is such a cool guy and keep pouring our drinks. It was a choice btw pink lemonade and some other brown drink. I grabbed the lemonade and the Branch Pres had the brown drink. Not such what it was. He said wow what is this to the Elder we were on exchanges with and he said it’s Brisk. Not really knowing what brisk was. Any who. So we didn’t get to watch the movie. We just had a small spiritual thought around the table and such. As we were walking out side we notice that they gave my companion food and a drink for later. And he had ice tea. Brisk in his hand. So basically that night the Branch Pres broke the word of wisdom! Hahaha! It was really funny! Anyways! Things are good! Nothing too exciting goes on. I just keep working on my Spanish and I love talking to the people of the branch. They are so nice and help me with Spanish! Got to go!

 Love ya! Bye

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