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Sept 2, 2013 SLS Apartment & Dinner Apt Photo


So things are good. I did get bacon so yeah. Haha! Love the pictures they are awesome! So yes I am staying with a member. How the houses work in Kearns is when you open the front door there are 2 sets of stairs. Up and down. So in most of the houses (especially the Hispanics) there is 2 or three families that live in each house. And in our house we live in the up stairs. We have one room with our beds and study stuff. And a bathroom. And then we have a mini fridge to share. It gets filled up fast. The air mattress sucks. It deflates every night/ I found some holes and used scotch tape to tape it up. And there are still more holes. I keep asking my companions when we can go pick up a real mattress but our time is so precious and we are so busy that I feel bad for wasting 30 minutes to go pick it up. Idk, but right now my back is like really hurting. I just am not getting good nights sleep and it is time.

Sorry there hasn’t been much pictures, we haven’t really done much to take pictures of. We were supposed to drive up to Temple square and take a tour with an investigator couple yesterday but at the last minute they canceled. So hopefully I’ll be able to get a picture of that when it happens. But instead of going there. We went out and found 2 new investigators. Um. Everyday is the same. We work hard. Study in the morning. Teach and find people throughout the day. The thing I have learned most is that the only way to be happy on the mission is to work as hard as you can. Even when you don’t have success. If you work hard you will be happy. And if you aren’t working hard. Or doing something that you think would make you happy like playing soccer with some kids for 10 minutes or something that would be fun or something, that stuff won’t make you happy. Haha! If that makes sense.

That’s cool you got to see Phylip. Stinks that he had to come home! I hope that he can get feeling better soon,. Is he going to school at BYUI? So we have a baptism this weekend. This guys named Poli! He is really funny. And he needs to be baptized. The only thing is he needs to read the BOM and pray if it is true. Everyone here knows it is. They are just afraid of the answer they will get from God. It is really sad to see all the people that are in denial. My companions are great! They push me to be better and to work harder on my Spanish! They always make me start out the door approach. Which is fun. I actually enjoy doing that. Especially in Spanish because the things I know how to say are at the beginning like how you are and are you a member of the church. And bearing my testimony, Haha! Now I know how to say more than that, they are just so good they know what to say and everything. It’s awesome to get to learn from them. Especially because they are Zone leaders and so I get to know all of the little secrets about the zone and everything. And I get to see how they handle the other missionaries. Indirectly they are teaching me how to be a good leader, it was definitely not an accident that I was put with them. I love my area! It is full of Mexicans! About 50% Mexican (well like Spanish speakers). So as far as we go with English speakers is we'll do the like first lesson right there on the spot if they are interested and then anything after that we send the Sisters over that speak English. So basically I just work with Spanish speakers. That is why everyone loves Kearns! They are all jealous that I was "Born" in Kearns and that I get to learn Spanish here. There is so much poverty that they are more humble. And a lot of people moved in and out pretty fast. And the AP's both were companions with my companions at one point in time. One of them was the trainer to Elder Julian. And so I hang out with the AP's a lot. They are really Cool Elders. They came over at like 930 the other night and we were just chilling and talking and cracking jokes and talking about business until 1030. And we didn’t get to bed until 11. Everyone tells me how good my Spanish is and how well I am improving. Right now I just need to expand my vocabulary. Because I can use the words I know pretty well. There is just so much you can say though.

I don’t think that I will get to do any of the baptizing. They advise against it because if you can get someone in the ward to do it then it builds the trust with someone in the ward and gets them more solidified. And especially because I haven’t done a whole lot of the teaching with them so far. But maybe in the future I will get to do it. Unfortunately. Some of the people who were supposed to get baptized on the 15 fell off. People got to go to church and they just have a problem with that. In this mission it’s 3 times at church. So that’s one of the main reasons why people don’t get baptized. And we had 2 different families of 3 fall off. So now we have Poli for the 8th. Elias and Carmen for the 15, and David for the 22. So this will be an exciting month hopefully! We really are focused on finding. finding. finding!

Um there isn’t a whole lot that I need. I try to rely only on the basics. We don’t have a whole lot of room for anything really more. Uh... I’m sure I will think of things right when I get off. Haha! Oh hey! Get Ryan to email me! Or get me his Email! That punk! Haha. If there is any country songs you know how that kind of talk about God or church or something like that. We listen to songs that I wouldn’t think would be approved. But they are. So yeah. Ok. I’m going to write some friends now.

Love ya!

I'll try to up load pics we'll see

 Connor's Companion's Studying

 Connor's Air Mattress.  It folds in half because it gets so flat by morning.

 Connor's Work Space.  It's very tiny!

Connor and one of his Companions doing service in the rain. 
The other Companion is teaching a lesson.

The night of Sept 1, we got an email from a family in Connor's Area.  This is what it said.
We had the pleasure of having your wonderful son in our home for dinner. Thanks for sending him to us!
Finally a dinner Connor would ENJOY.  Bacon was included!

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