Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sept 9, 2013 Salt Lake South

So while I was in Idaho, I received Connor's email and pictures and he was sleeping on an air mattress that had lots of holes in it.  I had the email address of the Mission home, so I wrote and asked if a mattress could be delivered to Elder Olsen.  I usually always let my children fight their own battles, but I stepped in this time. Thank goodness he got a new mattress even without my help!


I am glad that you had fun in Idaho! Sounds like a blast! I am so happy that my niece is getting taken care of! Haha. Not that I was expecting she wasn’t going to be. Haha. And first off I wasn’t suffering! Haha! It was just a slight annoyance. But once it got to the point where it was hurting my back and it was hindering the work I got it taken care of. It was really funny because we got the new mattress and stuff and the next day the mission office called about it. So thanks for emailing them, you were just a little late! =P Ha!

So last week when we went to the store we met this little old lady and she said she was going to pay for our groceries and that she would wait for us at the check out. We tried telling her that we weren’t allowed to accept it but she was persistent. We saw her walking around the store looking for us. And we didn’t have the heart to say no. So she bought all of our groceries and we had other people try to give us money. Then on Saturday we went to Wendy's. The first like real fast food place I’ve been to that was really good. And this man was like whatever they get I am buying. We tried to refuse but he said no this is what we do. So I hope they get blessed for their sacrifice! I got a Baconator! SO GOOD! And another time in our area there is this Tongan family that is always offering us food and stuff. And as we were passing their house the other day the 18 year old flagged us down. He said "Hey elders, I’m going to help you out" and pulls out a wad of 20's. Now we really couldn’t take that. We said thanks and everything and every time he tried to like shove it in our hands we would drive off a little bit farther. Haha! We get really taken care of! Haha!

So this week has been an interesting one. The Zone leaders have dealt with a lot. It’s been very interesting to see how they handle situations and what exactly all goes down. I am paying real close attention so I know what to do when I am zone leader! Ha =P Things have been good! We have been working hard! We still haven’t had any baptisms. The picture of me with that Mexican dude and I am holding the carne asada. That is Poli! He is a great guy. He always talks about why we have a car and the sisters have to walk around. He wants us to give our car to the sisters! Haha! But he was supposed to be baptized yesterday. And it didn’t happen. He wants to choose his own date and not feel like he is pressured! But he is ready. And he knows he is ready. His wife believes you need to study a whole year and know everything before you join. We explain to him that all you need is a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the learning comes later. Hopefully he is getting baptized this next week. Tomorrow we are taking him to see a baptism and so hopefully that will give him the extra push!

Hey I sent 2 letters home. It is just like paper work and stuff from the MTC and stuff. Things I want to keep but don’t want to carry around with me, so find a safe place, or if you want to start a scrapbook or mission box type thing that is cool.

Now our other family. I am getting a little worried. They were all ready to go when we started teaching them. But for the last couple lessons the dad hasn’t been there and he ditched church 2 weeks in a row. We have been trying to take them to Temple Square but they keep canceling. Hopefully they have legit reasons. Because I’m starting to get worried! ~ But I know that we will find a way! Oh hey! In my package can you send somewhat of a calendar for 2014 if they have them? And I had some other ideas but I forgot. Haha! Hopefully I will remember today. Haha Love ya! Keep working hard! Be good! And read the BOM everyday! I challenge you to wake up as a family and have family scripture study and prayer everyday this week in the morning before the boys go to school! I can promise your days will be better and you will be even happier! I will check up next week to see how many times you did it! =P!

 Love ya!

Shrimp Salsa
 This is David. He is straight from Mexico! His brother is a member here. We are working with him, and he really has a desire! I don't really know the guy on the right. David is on the left. They made this salsa stuff. It had shrimp and stuff. I couldn't eat it. They were all making fun of me haha! But it was like 9 at night. I didn't want to eat anything haha
I got a Bed!

 Carne Asada at Poli's
Last Sunday night, I received a text with these two pictures.  They had Carne Asada.  
Connor is a happy boy again!  He loves his meat! I love him being in the states and receiving
texts and emails from from dinner appointments!

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