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Sept 16, 2013 SLS - I Love to See the Temple


So first off. I got my first baptism! I didn’t teach her though. She had been taught in the past, and she went up to the sisters and basically said I am going into the Army next week and I need to get baptized. And so the baptism was on Tuesday and at 430 we were in a lesson with a guy from Guatemala and we get a text that says the baptism is in 2 hours and they don’t have anyone to baptize her. So I volunteered myself. I got to perform the ordinance. It was such a spiritual experience! It was (as they call it in the mission) a Miracle Baptism. So cool! We brought one of our investigators Poli, and Elder Toborg translated for him. Now he is say "WHEN I get baptized..." instead of "IF I get baptized...” So that’s pretty great! Oh and what he said was when he gets baptized he is going to kick the leg of Hermano Rojas and bring him in the water as well. Haha! He is a funny guy.

Heard nothing of my visa. Absolutely nothing. Its goanna be a while and I’m loving it so far. I have transfers coming up on the 25. I’m hoping I stay where I am. But I don’t know! So we met this kid the other day named Salvador. He is 18. We stopped by his house to see someone else but he wasn’t home. And we ended up talking to Salvador and he was WAY interested. And we invited him to church the next day. It was Stake conference. When we went to go pick him up he was waiting in a white shirt and tie! It was crazy! He is so prepared! We invited him to be baptized and he said yeah totally. We made the mistake about not putting him on date. But it’s okay. We’ll get there. He loved stake conference even though there were a bunch of screaming kids all around us. He even like sang along and everything. Such a good kid.

Yes we finally made it down to Temple Square. We went through that "Families Can Be Together Forever" Exhibit, where there is a bunch of different videos and you walk to the different rooms. We went to it at the Mesa temple once. It was such a great experience! Elias is so pumped to get baptized. I’m just a little worried because he won’t pray or anything like that. He says he is a grown man and when he knows something is good and right for his family he knows. So it’s super good that he thinks that way and is prepared! I just hope he can gain that testimony. Temple Square was so fun though

Now for the bad news. We got back from Temple Square late and had dinner at 6. Which the President just like got mad at people for eating late and that we are supposed to be finished by 6. And at 630 he calls us and asks us to meet him at a Stake Center. So we left dinner and on the way we were thinking of all the things it could be. Are we in trouble? Do we need to repent? Am I getting my visa (that was least likely)? They are pushing for a Spanish Zone and they were thinking maybe that’s it. When we got there. We found out that Elder Toborg’s best friend on his mission in Veracruz, Mexico. passed away the night before. Elder Toborg said He was basically his only friend. They don’t know what happened they just found him passed out on the bathroom floor. Basically The Lord needed him on the other side. But Elder Toborg is taking it well. He got to call home because his mom was not taking it well. And basically he just looked up a bunch of scriptures and went straight into doctrine. It was amazing. And even that night we taught 2 lessons and he taught just amazingly. Also! His sister just had her first baby. He is a new uncle like I am and guess what they named him.... Connor! No joke. Spelled the same and everything! Ha! But yeah things are good! We are hoping to get 3 baptism this weekend! We are working hard and enjoying the work. We went to DI today and I got 2 new T shirts and 2 new ties. $6. HA! I sent grandma a letter. I hope she got it. Um anything else? I don’t think so!

Love y'all! Have a great week

 Connor has always loved Big Trucks
 Connor's Companion.  I think Connor met his Junk Food Junkie Match!!!
 Chillin' at their apartment
 Before Connor left on his mission, he would send out Snap Chats to me all of the time.
It turned into a game between him and I.  This picture would be a typical Snap Chat 
he would send to me.  Miss this Boy!

So last week for pday we went mini golfing. the picture of 4 were my companions and the AP's. the picture of the two kids is Elder Bridge, he is from Alberta Canada (the one pretending to throw the golf club) and Elder Smith. Those Elders are awesome! Also the last hole if you make it it blows out fire. If you miss than it sprays you in the face with water. I got sprayed with water. I have the video but it is too big to send. Sorry. 

They finally were able to take their investigating family to Salt Lake Temple Square
What a beautiful family.

Connor's Miracle Baptism

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