Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 24, 2014 Baptism and We're Having Waffles!

Well this was a pretty good week. It’s starting to get cold here. It’s been a nice change. But my body didn’t really like the change. I got a little sick. But I still got to work. It hit me really bad on Thursday. And then on Friday we had Zone conference and then exchanges. I was stuck with an Elder that doesn’t really talk. We had some good conversations when it was just me and him talking about the things that he liked but when it wasn’t those things it was like he wasn’t there and he didn’t talk with the investigators or the members. So that was a challenging day. In our lessons it was like no one wanted to listen to us. Others sick and then the kids that we baptized wouldn’t sit down to talk. So we left early. I yelled at them a little bit. Haha! Oh! So I was talking with my Companion a little and he said that in the movie Shrek where Donkey says and in the morning I’m making waffles. In Spanish he says and in the morning I’m making tamales! Haha! Super funny! We had a good conversation about it. I think waffles is better because of the way he says it! And well... Waffles are better than tamales! Haha! So on Friday we had a zone conference! I wasn’t feeling good but we went. It was great and we learned a lot of cool things that came from Elder Ballard and Rasband, We learned that people come to church more often when they understand Repentance and the reason that we go to church! So we have to teach that to all of our investigators and the members. And well we planned to have lunch at 1. And when it was about 1230 we were still going but they were wrapping it up. Then they said that we had hamburgers there. So we said a prayer and went to eat! I thought we were done and I was getting ready to leave because it was 145 and we had to go because the Hermana was waiting, Well she sent us a texts and said that the asado (which is just a ton of meat. something that happens a lot here but is still very rare! I’ve only had it 2 times) she said the asado is drying!! NOOOOO! So I was ready to leave! And president says okay. Let’s start back up again. And so he talks until 245. We didn’t get to Lunch until 430. And the other elders didn’t come. So we couldn’t enter because there was no man in the house but we can with 4 missionaries. Well, she ended up packing up all this food for us and gave it to us to go! A giant container of meat! It was great! We still got some!

So this week was pretty cool. We had a baptism. And on Sunday they were confirmed. I got to do it for Santiago! It was a really cool moment! I could feel the spirit so strong! I could feel the Love of Christ for me and for him! It was a confirmation that what I am doing here is right! It was one of the greatest feelings ever! And well, we have more baptisms this Saturday and we have a lot of investigators. And a lot of them are not married and so we are dealing with that, Getting married here is hard. Like a month process. So it’s pretty hard. But the problem is that people don’t want to for weird reasons. But we are working and we are doing good things. Oh also my companion has something in his eye. An ocelot or something like that. I don’t know what it is. But it’s gross. And he has had it for like 3 weeks now. It didn’t get better and we went to the house of a member and well she said I know what I’m doing and tried really hard to pop it and it made it worse. My poor companion. After that we went to the Hospital. It took us 2 or 3 hours to get there. 3 different buses and a lot of waiting. When we got there we waited a little bit more. We entered in. She looked at it for like 2 secs. Wrote down what we need to buy like a cream type thing and then sent us off. Haha! Luckily we got home in time! Haha! But yeah. That was an interesting day! But yeah! Things are going good and I’m happy and enjoying the work! The branch is very happy with the way we are doing and we are going to see miracles. Haha! Love yall!

 Miracle Baptisms! Claudio is bigger he is 9. and Santiago is 8. 
 They remind me of Spencer and me haha!

A Pet Owl?

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