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August 11, 2014 Uruguay Visas/ Puerto Madero Site Seeing

What freaking crazy that you guys are moving! I knew it was going to happen, it was just one of those things that you think would never actually happen. Like graduating High School. Going to college. Or going on a mission! Haha! But things are going good! We had a weird week this week! On Monday we got a message that my comp was going to have to go to Uruguay to renew his Visa. So on Monday we had to work and on Tuesday we had to take the train and be in the Boat Port at 730. We got there nice and early. Bought Churros and Hot chocolate because it was cold and then went and took pictures because it looked really cool! Well we got there with the other missionaries they gave us money and our new comps and they sent us off. It was like 8 am and they released us into the city! I’m not sure why but at first we did a lot of walking! We went to the stadium of the popular soccer team, the Boca Juniors. They have a tour but it was kind of expensive and not everyone wanted to do it. So we walked around the team shop and the other stores that were close. They have a place called Caminito that is a street that is bright colored and has a bunch of shops! We went there and we bought some souvenirs! And I took a Selfie with the Pope! =P

From there we left and went to a place called Once. (pronounced Own-say) and that is a giant area that has a bunch of stores. You can walk into a building and it is just filled with stands and selling stuff really cheap. Clothes, music, movies, shoes hats, jerseys. I misunderstood. I thought it was a place to buy stuff from Argentina like souvenirs. But it was like shopping for stuff that I would need here. And so I bought a tie and a new pair of pants.! They are really cool but I got to get them sewed up. Like on the bottom. I was looking for a new jacket but i didn’t find one that was worth it. I found a leather one for 50 dollars. But I decided not to. Because you cant use that to proselyte. Haha! From there we went to McDonalds because it was lunch time and we were hungry. Unfortunately, all of the ´´cool´´ places to eat were far and we had planned to do that part of the city last. So hopefully I will have an opportunity to go eat down there. I think I will because all of the trains go to that one spot. Haha! After lunch we went to the Obelisco. Which is the white tower that looks like the Washington Monument. And then we walked down a street called Florida. That has a lot of stores in it. But it’s like the right part of town! It was very cool! And there I ran into an old friend from my first Area! It was really weird to see an old face! But it was night to see her! And she knows someone in my ward now! Crazy! Small world! It was funny. In that street there was a bunch of people saying ´´cambio, cambio, cambio´´. Which means change. They exchange dollars for pesos. Since it’s the right part all of the Gringos go there to shop. They always looked at us. Gringos. In suit... we definitely have dollars. No? Haha! We found a park and just kind of sat down and rested for a bit. Someone went and bought a giant water bottle to share. It was a beautiful day! Then we walked from there to Puerto Madero. It made me think of San Francisco. Out there next to the water they have a bunch of fancy restaurants. And I was looking at the prices and it wasn’t that expensive. 12 dollars for a really good steak! Too bad I was already full and tired. Haha! But one day! There were also old boats that we could go on and take a small tour! And from there we had to end our day! It was fun! But it was a tiring. I was dead! I had a huge headache and my feet were going to fall off! But we got back about 7 and went out to work, did the things we HAD to do and then went back to the pension and died. haha!

Later on in the week we did divisions with the Zone leaders and the other elders in the district. It was a little hard with the zone leader because we didn’t have very much planned and then they called us and wanted to do divisions. So I was stuck... It didn’t turn out very well. but they next day we had a lot planned a really great day. But I went and did divisiones with the other elders, and so I told Elder Gines what I had planned and then I left the area with him that wasnt there the day before. But it went well. It’s always nice to see the way other elders work and apply them with your own area.

Super crazy. On Saturday we passed by the house of Yesika to see if everything was good and another recent convert that lives in front of her, Carla( 14 years old) started screaming at her own aunt and like getting in her face and they were like fighting and screaming just saying I don’t even Care!  We didn’t really understand what it was about. And then Carla started picking up giant Rocks and chucking them. That’s when we left! Super crazy! But we found out that everyone was fine. No one got hurt.

Sad day. The daughter of Yesika got sick on sat night and was in the Hospital and didn’t go to church to get confirmed! So that was kind of sad and now we are working hard with her so that she comes the next week! But we can already see the changes in her! She understands better and she got a job! Her mom too! So that’s really cool to see!

Last thing- Last night. We did divisiones with some members because the elder’s quorum councilor wanted to do some visits. And so I went and taught Yesika and other investigators and my comp went with him. Well right before they got to the place where we were going to meet up they said they were walking in the street and heard a motorcycle behind them. It stopped and the kid started asking for everything! Luckily my comp just kind of kept walking and they didn’t see him. But the kids he was with (kids being 2 ex missionaries) lost a watch, suit jacket, 50 dollars, and a really nice cell phone. But everyone is safe thank goodness. I am always super careful, that’s why I haven’t been robbed yet. My comp doesn’t get it yet. But now he is kind of scared. But it’s all good! We are protected! Love you all! See yall later!

Some of the Missionaries are in Argentina on a Temporary Visa.  So they had to leave Argentina, go to Uruguay for the day and come back with a stamp in their passport.  So the Companions of these Missionaries got to spend the day in Buenos Aires being tourists while their companions were out of the country.  They had a really good time seeing the Capital.
We went dark and early (not bright and early, it wasnt bright) to go to Urugauy. 
This is Puerto Madero. Its the port that is in Buenos Aires
Elder Gines & Elder Olsen 

 Then we went to the Stadium of the Boca Juniors. They are the mot popular soccer team in Argentina. 
 Troy Hicks went to Highland with me. 

After we went to Caminito. which is a famous Argentine spot. haha! Its got a bunch of Souviners and stuff to buy. 

 And I took a Selfie with the Pope!  

I ran into an Old friend from Lugano! Hermana Anabel Alarcon. She is AWESOME! 
Our tour group! we got tired so we went to a plaza to rest

Back to Puerto Madero but in the day!   
In Puerto madero there is a bunch of cool restaruants (including TGI Fridays! ) but we did it last and we had already eaten in McDonald's. I regret that! because they gave us 150 pesos (15 dollars) to go eat somewhere. But we went to McDonald's. Also found a place with hot wings! (new goal in the mission because they don't have hot wings here) 


Oh and we got to board a boat! for free! I was the fearless captain!   

 MY comp getting back from Uruguay! 

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